Oh, I can’t wait to take our new baby home and then a few days later, pack our whole family up and travel to a studio so we can sit for three hours to get our baby's pictures taken,” said NO parent ever. But you want those gorgeous photographs of your family with your newborn baby. . .

I make newborn and baby photography easy on you by bringing what I need to create a tiny studio in your own home. That way you can get everything you want, both posed photographs of your little one and beautiful family portraits. All you have to do is stay cuddled up on your own couch and then when we’re done, you can continue your day at home.

Currently serving families within 30 minutes of Glastonbury, CT.

About Me



Hi, I'm Amber Sehrt, and I am an experienced Newborn and Baby photographer that is trained in newborn safety and posing. I create custom artwork of families like my own, full of babies and boisterous children, devoted and hardworking parents and lots of laughter.

You can see samples of my work here or just email me to say "Hi" via Amber@OneBigHappyPhoto.com

When I'm not working, you'll find me sneaking chocolate from the dessert cabinet, reading books on my Ipad or folding five-foot tall mountains of laundry. Oh, and raising our Rockstar, Princess, Superhero and Cherub. They'll tell you that last bit is the most important thing about me.

The Portfolio


In each session, I make sure to focus on creating the photographs that are important to you. I also try to create something unique so that you can have a one-of-a-kind art piece featuring your child. To see a sampling of my work, you can visit my portfolios below. If you want to see a larger sampling or to get ideas for your session, scroll down a bit and click to browse through my blog.

The Blog



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