Frequently ASKED


When should I call to schedule my newborn session?
If possible, it’s best to contact me when your pregnancy is between 20-30 weeks because I tend to book up months in advance. However, if you’ve already had your baby, don’t panic. I will occasionally have open dates that I can fit a newborn session.
I don’t know when my baby will be born, so how do you schedule my session?
To hold your place on my calendar, I pencil your due date down on my calendar. Once your baby is born, I ask you to contact me within 2 days to let me know that you are both healthy and ready to schedule your session. Then based on your baby’s birthdate, we pick the best day for your family to come to the studio.
Is one-week-old too early for my session?
No, it’s actually the perfect time. Newborn babies are usually the sleepiest between 6-14 days old.
What if we can’t come in the first 14 days?
While it is ideal to get your baby photographed in those first 2 weeks, you can still have your baby photographed as a newborn if you miss that window. I am able to photograph your baby in newborn poses up until they are 6 weeks old.
Do I need to get outfits for my baby’s newborn session?
Newborns photograph best without any clothes at all or swaddled in simple wraps. I have an extensive supply of newborn hats, bows, and headbands that coordinate beautifully with my blankets and props that I use to stylize your images. You are welcome to bring items that have special meaning to your family if you would like me to photograph your baby in them, but you don’t have to purchase or bring anything.
How should I prepare for my newborn session?
Once you book your session with me, I give you a Newborn Session Preparations guide that will tell you exactly how you can set your baby up to have the best session.
Can my family be photographed with my baby?
Absolutely! Family images with a newborn are some the most cherished photographs, so I wouldn’t have it any other way. I photograph up to 5 family members, along with your baby, during your session. Additional family members can be included for a fee.
Does it cost more for twins?
No, a newborn session for twins costs the exact same as a newborn session for one baby.


Do you only photograph newborns?
No, I photograph babies of all ages and their families too! Some of my favorite sessions are of families with toddlers and preschoolers at some of the beautiful locations we have around Glastonbury.
My baby hasn’t been vaccinated. Do you have all of your immunizations?

I am fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

The other recommended immunizations for adults that completed the childhood vaccination schedule is to have a flu shot every year and to get a Tdap shot every 10 years, to protect against whooping cough. I get a flu shot every September and got my last Tdap vaccination in September 2020 (1 year ago).

When do I get to see the images?
Within 1 week of your session, you get to schedule your ordering appointment which can being either in person or over a zoom video call. This is when you will get to see all of your pictures in a video slideshow and on a big-screen television so you can decide which photographs are your favorites and what you want to purchase.
What if I only want a few small prints?
What you buy is entirely up to you, and you don’t have to make that decision until after you see how your photographs turn out.
What kind of investment do most families make?
Most families invest anywhere from $800 to $2000 on their session and artwork. However, everyone’s needs are different – some spend a little more and some spend less.
Why can it be so expensive?
Exceptional newborn and baby photography by a specially-trained portrait artist is not for everyone and takes an enormous amount of time, training and commitment. Still, you have many options when getting your baby photographed. Like when making any purchase, you have the choice of discount stores, department stores or boutiques and the services that they each provide. I offer families a luxury experience with the highest level of professional training in newborn posing and safety, gorgeous images, fine art products, and remarkable service.
When do I get to bring everything home?
Once ordered, your signature products will be ready within 4 weeks. Purchased digital images will be available for download within 2 weeks.

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