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We don’t always notice how fast our baby is growing until we look back at photographs.

When I visited the pediatrician for Cherub’s 2-year-old well check up, the staff was amazed at just how big she had gotten. She’s lost her rounded tummy and wobbly gate since she no longer walks, but runs everywhere. They all mentioned that the little baby was gone, and now a “big” girl stood before them. Well, of course, I know she’s grown, but seeing her every day minimizes the impact of just how much. For them, having not seen her in months, her growth was profound.
I’m sure you have had this same experience. It can be bittersweet to watch our little babies turn into big kids. But it’s only sad when you realize that you’ve been too busy to capture their growth with a camera lately. Don’t let another season go by without getting baby photos taken. One day your most treasured possessions are going to be the photos of you blowing raspberries on her tummy and her squealing with laughter.

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