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Cameron ~ A Classic and Mellow Newborn Photo Shoot

In my years as a family photographer, I’ve worked with families across the entire spectrum when it comes to their experience in front of a camera. There are some who rarely take photographs because they prefer to be in the moment, there are others who love cataloging as many special moments as possible, and there are families that fall everywhere in between.

Baby Cameron’s parents are toward the first end of the spectrum, with little interest in taking photos most of the time, and Mom filled me in on this from the beginning. Still, they were absolutely thrilled to welcome their first child, and they knew that in the future they’d treasure having portraits from a newborn photo shoot to capture this special time in their lives.

They wanted a very classic look and a cohesive, consistent gallery. To that end, we chose a color palette of blues and neutrals with a few highlights of deep teal. It all came together beautifully, and sleepy little Cameron looks right at home.

Of course, the star of the session had to be Cameron’s adorable mohawk! His hair simply insisted on this shape no matter what we did. Personally, I think it shows that he’s just destined to go his own way, and I love that his newborn photo shoot features such a unique signature.

I’m so happy that Mom and Dad wanted to do a photo wearing masks too. We’re all living through such historic times, and I love that they chose to lean into it and have a way to remember the fascinating chapter that the world was in when they welcomed their little boy. Even if Mom and Dad weren’t exactly fans of modeling, they did a fantastic job and it gave them a wonderful gallery to enjoy for years to come.

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