Maternity and Newborn Photographer Pregnant woman wearing gold flowing fabric on a white background

Maternity and Newborn Photographer: Welcoming Baby Uriel

At One Big Happy Photo, we have the joy of capturing life’s most precious moments. Recently, we had the pleasure of documenting a beautiful family’s journey, from the anticipation of a new life to the tender early days with their newborn son, Uriel. As a dedicated Maternity and Newborn Photographer, it’s these heartwarming stories that make our work so rewarding.

The Anticipation: A Glowing Expectant Mother

Our session began with a maternity shoot, celebrating the expectant mother’s radiant glow and the family’s excitement. The first photograph captures the stunning mom draped in a flowing gold fabric, set against a pristine white background. This image showcases elegance and the pure anticipation of welcoming new life in to the world.

Maternity and Newborn Photographer Pregnant woman wearing gold flowing fabric on a white background

In the following two portraits, mom dazzles in a sparkling purple dress. One picture shows her cradling her belly, a serene smile gracing her face. Another photograph features her spouse, standing by her side, his hand lovingly resting on her belly. The shared smiles and the tender touch encapsulate the couple’s deep connection and shared excitement for their baby boy’s arrival.

Pregnant woman wearing a purple sparkly gown

Pregnant woman wearing a purple sparkly gown posing with spouse

The Arrival: Baby Uriel’s First Portraits

Transitioning from the maternity session, we embarked on capturing the newborn photographs of baby Uriel. The tenderness of these moments is something truly special. In the first photograph, we see Mom cradling baby Uriel, who is fast asleep against her cheek. The sheer love and serenity in this portrait are evident.

Mom cradling newborn son against her cheek

Another touching image shows Dad holding Uriel close to his chest. The contrast between the baby’s small form and Dad’s protective embrace beautifully symbolizes the unwavering security and love that Uriel will always have.

dad holding newborn son against his chest

The family portrait is a cherished memory, capturing all three together for the first time. With Uriel nestled comfortably in his dad’s arms, the love and unity of this new family are strikingly evident.

Dad cradling newborn son in family portrait

Baby Uriel: Peaceful Slumber and Tiny Details

We also dedicated time to photographing baby Uriel alone, capturing the essence of his early days. One picture shows Uriel peacefully asleep, showcasing those adorable baby back wrinkles that are a hallmark of newborns.

Maternity and Newborn Photographer Newborn boy asleep naked on teal fabric

In another photograph, Uriel is wrapped in teal and wearing a multi-colored bonnet, seated yet fast asleep. The vibrant colors and Uriel’s peaceful expression make this picture truly enchanting.

Newborn boy wrapped in teal wearing a multi colored bonnet sleeping on an oatmeal colored fur

The final photograph in our newborn series is both charming and personal. Uriel, asleep in a wooden bowl, holds a tiny football, a sweet nod to Dad’s love for the sport. This image beautifully intertwines family passion with the innocence of a newborn.

Maternity and Newborn Photographer Newborn boy asleep in a wooden bowl holding a tiny football

Celebrating Life’s Precious Moments

Each of these portraits not only captures the physical details but also tells the unique story of this family’s journey into parenthood. As a Maternity and Newborn Photographer, it’s an honor to document these significant moments, preserving them for families to cherish forever.

We invite you to experience more heartwarming stories and stunning photography by visiting our contact page to book your own session. Celebrate your unique journey with photographs that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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