October 13, 2021

Twins Newborn Photography ~ Evan and Olivia

Twins Newborn Photography ~ Evan and Olivia

October 13, 2021

Twins Newborn Photography

Twins newborn photography newborn twin boy and girl laying asleep next to each other on a miniature white bed with blanketsIn my work as a family photographer, one of my key goals is to make sure that all my clients’ portraits are a representation of their own personalities and tastes. Photos are an incredibly personal purchase, especially photos that highlight the most important times in your life like welcoming a new baby (or two!) to the family, so I believe in getting to know each family so I can customize their portraits on a personal level. That was especially true during this twins newborn photography session.

In this getting-to-know-you process, many of my clients who are booking their newborn photography session have a story to share about how their new bundle of joy came into their lives. In the case of little Evan and Olivia, their loving parents spent years trying to grow their family. They trusted that everything with eventually work out, as it always had in their journey together as a couple, and they were right!

It’s clear that these two were destined to be parents. When they found out they would be having twins, they were absolutely thrilled! Evan and Olivia are blessings that their parents clearly hold as their dearest treasures, and I couldn’t wait to capture this sweet family’s closeness for the newborn twins pictures.

Newborn Twins Pictures

Little Evan and baby Olivia were so precious throughout their session. They were so calm and they gave us the opportunity to get plenty of sleepy photos. The most touching part of this entire session was watching how easily Evan and Olivia snuggle up to each other! In fact, I’m so enamored with the photo of them in the “love” floral background that I chose it as the new cover for my website.

Evan and Olivia are clearly a perfect pair, but as they grow up, they’re sure to develop their own unique personalities too. We made sure to have portraits of each one individually in addition to their portraits together so that they’ll each have their own photos to treasure.

new parents cradling their newborn baby boy and girl

newborn twins asleep swaddled next to each other on fluffy blanketnewborn twin girl and boy sound asleep facing each other swaddled in wraps

newborn baby girl laying naked with floral headband on white blanket
newborn baby boy laying naked on white blanket

Twins newborn photography sweet newborn twins asleep on a grey background spelling out the word LOVE in flowers and bows

newborn baby boy swaddled in green laying in woodsy basket with lavender sprouting underneath
newborn baby girl swaddled in purple asleep in bucket with lots of lavender on wooden background

Twins newborn photography newborn baby boy asleep with his arm wrapped around his twin sister asleep in lace dress with pink floral headband on white fuzzy blanketTwins newborn photography silhouette shadow of new parents face's while cradling their newborn baby boy and girlIf your family is growing (no matter by how many), I’d be honored to help you mark this special time. Contact my newborn photography studio today to schedule your session.

Amber Sehrt specializes in photographing newborns, babies, and families with young children. She has been photographing little ones for over 8 years, has magical newborn soothing powers, and charms children with play that results in beautiful portraits. Apart from creating portraits, Amber loves spending time with her husband and four kids.

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