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Dreamy Maternity Pictures

Mom and Dad are super excited about their baby girl’s pending arrival, but I think that Big Brother, Preston, is the most excited! He could not stop talking about his new baby sister. He is so looking forward to being a big brother and taking his little sister under his wing. This little girl is going to be showered with love when she finally gets here!

Mom wanted a really dreamy maternity photography session where her baby would be the star of the show. The split front white gown was the perfect wardrobe choice! Not only does it give Mom such a goddess vibe and allow her and her baby bump to be the focus, but the front slit allowed both Dad and Big Brother to love on their little girl too. 

Whimsical Waterfall

Speaking of dreamy, get a load of this location! When Mom wants dreamy, she gets dreamy! Those cascading waterfalls are absolutely whimsical at its finest. The lighting was perfect as well adding the perfect hint of fairyland to the already beautiful, forest landscape. Preston really loved the babbling brook, so he wanted to take a few photos with Mom with that in the background. 

The only downside to such a perfectly dreamy outdoor location were the mosquitos. We knew we were going to encounter them being outside at this time of year, but goodness gracious, we battled a ton of them! Nonetheless, the end result was just glorious! Mom, Dad, and Preston were such good sports, and that translated so well into these gorgeous photographs.

I hope these photographs bring back the best of memories for the three of you, and they bring you years of happiness as you tell your baby girl about the wonderful adventure you took to an enchanted waterfall for photographs celebrating her upcoming arrival!

Don’t let this amazing time in your life pass by without doing a maternity photography session! You will forever look back on these photographs and remember the wonder and excitement you felt. Contact me today to learn more about these special sessions.

Amber Sehrt, Connecticut Newborn Photographer

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