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Gorgeous Family Photos in Elizabeth Park West Hartford, Connecticut

family of 4 sitting in the garden in the summer smiling for a portraitThis family really wanted gorgeous flowers and a park-like setting for their family photography session. But, it was August. Everything was just GREEN now, wasn’t it? But we talked about it and came up with the perfect spot. Aha! Elizabeth Park in West Hartford, Connecticut turned out to be our saving grace. And look at the amazing color and beautiful landscaping we had to work with!Momma hugging both of her small children in the garden surrounded by flowersNow these first two images are lovely and peaceful, but I can assure you that our session wasn’t all “the Hills are Alive” from the Sound of Music. You see we weren’t the only people who wanted to have photographs taken in the park that day. We had to dodge multiple wedding photographers, some of which were using drones to capture things from above!

We were able to carve out some pretty private moments, though, and that’s what this family will remember as they look at these images.Daddy holding his 2 small children on his lap laughing in the gardenLook at these two adorable kiddos! I mean, even the toughest old bird would want to squeeze these chubby cheeks. And the clouds reflected in their eyes just make both images sparkle.6 month old little boy playing outside on his tummy in the gardenblonde 3 year old girl looking up outside with the reflection of clouds in her eyesThere were a few tears while we were there too. Sometimes when you’re a kid you just feel sad. But nothing feels better than a little extra love from your Momma. After this moment, she was right as rain for the rest of our time together. It’s that “magic Momma love” that did it!Momma comforting her crying 3 year old girl with a hugBaby brother, on the other hand, was as happy as a lark the entire time. He got the biggest kick out of flying with Daddy.Daddy holds his 6 month old son above his head in a garden underneath archesIt’s funny how, even though we raise our kids the exact same way and with the exact same love and expectations, they are so different from the inside out. Mom told me that her little girl is very sensitive and her little boy is as easy going as they come. These two will keep their parents on their toes for sure as they grown up.3 year old girl sitting for a portrait on a blue blanket in the gardenJoyful 6 month old boy sitting up in the garden with a big smileWe caught this great smile right before he toppled backward, laughing the whole way!

At the end of a session, every family wonders if I could have possibly gotten anything good 0ut of our time together. What with all of the obstacles that we had to overcome, they just feel unsure. But it’s not the beautiful smiles and posed images that make the session good.

It’s capturing some of the in-between moments of you doing what you always do with your family that really makes a family session exceptional. Getting family photos with young kids can be hard. But looking at this last image, there is no doubt that it’s totally worth it!Mother cradles her 2 small children in her lap in the garden with the sunshining downIf you are thinking about getting your family photographed this fall, give me a call quick! I only have 8 available openings for the rest of this year. Come on, take the plunge and let me capture a little of your family’s magic for you!Amber Sehrt Newborn, Baby and Family Photographer Glastonbury CT

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