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Hospital Photographer vs. Professional Newborn Photographer ~ Which is Best for you?

I remember vividly what it’s like after giving birth. Everything is such a whirlwind. Changing rooms, changing nurses, watching the clock and not knowing if its 3pm or 3am – it all blends together. After my first child, I remember thinking that it was nothing like the movies. You’re exhausted and elated and a little disoriented all at the same time. There’s so much change and so much adjusting in those first few hours and days. As parents, you’re both getting used to your brand-new addition and getting to know one another. It’s such a magical, intimate time as a family unit.

On our last day in the hospital, I remember a nurse coming in letting me know that a photographer would be in to see me – say what?! They explained that they would be happy to do our newborn photos before we left. I was a little surprised, and while trying to get resettled, none of us felt up for a photo session!

But, how can you pass that up? You only buy what you like right? Well, for me, it was all just too much. I didn’t want to have to get myself “photo ready” with the meager toiletries I had with me. And I certainly wasn’t up for sorting through and purchasing photos while I was still trying to master things that I really needed to know. . . like how to nurse successfully and how to swaddle so my baby would sleep for me!

That being said, here are 3 reasons you should consider scheduling an in-studio newborn session that happens when your truly ready after your baby’s birth:

1.     Time to Regroup

The time immediately after your baby’s birth is so special. You’re still meeting your newborn and working on feedings while your body is healing. For well-planned, professional images that you’ll fall in love with, it can be best to get home, get settled, and attend a planned photography session that you are ready for. Even a week or two out of the hospital makes a huge difference on everyone’s state of mind. 

2.     Privacy

I know that in the hospital it can feel like everyone is in your business. With all of the doctors and nurses coming in and out, adding a random photographer you’ve never met to the mix can feel a little invasive. When you schedule a newborn session with me, we’ll meet ahead of time so you can get to know me. Once you’re here, I offer a comfortable living room for resting, having something to eat, feeding your baby, and a changing table. I will give you and your baby the time and space to relax and feel comfortable in order to best capture those precious memories.

3.     Customization

When you book a newborn session in-studio, you get to come in ahead of time and pick out absolutely everything you’d love to use during your newborn session. This lets me know ahead of time what you are looking for so I can plan accordingly. I offer a wide variety of newborn-safe props and sets to choose from, and I love hearing your ideas for themes, too! You can choose the outfits, style, and even the vibe of the session. Plus, you won’t have to decide on your photos that day. You’ll get to see all of your edited photographs a few weeks after the session to select your favorites for your art pieces. Hospital sessions are just not able to offer the same kind of personalization and service.

Bottom line, having an in-studio newborn session instead of just going with the hospital photographer is like enjoying a First Class ticket on an airline instead of riding back in Coach.

If you would like to book your professional newborn session so that everything is ready when your new baby arrives, check in with me today. We can create the most wonderful session to capture this special time in your family’s life.

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