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Dhriye ~ Infant Photography with a Wide-Eyed Baby Girl

Every parent knows that life with a newborn is chaotic, to say the least. You’re going through a tremendous adjustment in life, and as overjoyed as you are to have your new bundle of joy, newborns certainly come with a lot of demands on your time and energy.

With all these changes during such an important time, I fully empathized with Dhriye’s parents who had a hard time finding an opening in their schedules for a newborn photo session. They were determined to give their little girl this precious gift, though, so they made it happen!

When I was able to meet up with this lovely growing family, Dhriye was around two months old, so we used it as more of an infant photography session rather than a true newborn session. Luckily for us all, though, she hadn’t lost an ounce of that new baby sweetness.

Dhriye was incredibly engaged, and we were able to capture so many beautiful photos of her adorably curious eyes. Eventually, though, all the action wore her out, so we were fortunate to be able to get plenty of sleepy photos as well.

Throughout Dhriye’s session, we chose a mixture of perfect “baby girl” settings with delicate pinks and tiny flowers, but Mom and Dad also loved deep, rich reds. It was so much fun putting together these bold red settings, and baby Dhriye looks utterly stunning in them.

It’s clear to see how much Mom and Dad treasure their new daughter in their photos with her, and it was so touching to see them interacting with her throughout the photoshoot. I was thrilled to be able to get a portrait of Dhriye with her excited grandmother too!

Whether your baby has just been born or you’ve had a few beautiful months with them already, it’s never too late for an infant photography session. Schedule your session at my Connecticut photo studio today.

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