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Luke ~ One Year Old Baby Boy Photography | Bristol, CT

progressive cake smash of one year old baby boy and his monster cakeWell, hello again Mr. Luke! This little dude has grown so much since his newborn photography session. You have to scroll back up once you’ve seen all of his one-year-old baby photographs and check out how much he has changed in a year. Luke was a bit timid at first when he first saw his monster cake. But, as you can see by the end, he had real plans for the remainder of his dessert!

Family of 4 down by the lake, parents holding both boys

As I do with all of my families, we began Luke’s one-year-old photography milestone session by having the entire family join in on the fun. Cedar Lake in Bristol, CT is a special place for this family as they have been enjoying it for generations. So just like we did for Luke’s 6-month photography session, we walked down to the lake to get some fun family pictures.

one year old boy giving Mom a high 5 outside in the gardenLuke and his beautiful Mom were showing off his high-five skills!

5 year old brother catching a bubble on his tongueLuke’s big brother really had a ball when the bubbles came out. Catching a bubble on your tongue takes some talent!

Dad catching a quick hug from his excited 5 year old son down by the lakeDad and big brother had just finished a wrestling match here. We never could decide who actually won, but I think Dad will have the upper hand for a few more years at least.

Dad trying to catch the attention of his one year old son outside in the gardenLater Dad was hanging out with Luke for a bit. Luke was like a little puppy with every new sight and sound capturing his interest. Dad spent most of that morning running after him. Squirrel!

Mom giving a piggy back ride to her 5 year old sonThese boys are so lucky to have parents that just love playing with them. Mom was happy to give endless piggy-back rides and spin the kids round and round.

one year old boy toddling along outside in the garden by the lakeLuke was constantly on the move, but I managed to get this clear shot of him as he ran past me. With his Dad’s expressive eyebrows, Mom’s lighter coloring and both of their gorgeous brown eyes, this little one-year-old baby boy is growing up to be a beautiful ball of energy.

If your little baby is growing faster than you ever imagined and you want to get him photographed while he’s still little, contact me today. I have very limited openings for this fall and would love to create some gorgeous photographs for your family.

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