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Madelyn ~ One-Year-Old Family Photo Shoot

I’m always surprised at how well kids (usually) handle the weather. For this family shoot, Mom, Dad, & I were so cold! We wiggled around and pulled our sweaters tight, but 16-month old Madelyn and her 3.5-year-old brother Nathan seemed unfazed. We didn’t get a ton of smiles, but they seemed so content and handled the chill like troopers. I knew that if they could handle it without complaining, surely I could, too. Despite the cold, the lighting was just perfect! These photos are filled with a warm fall glow, and the outfits Mom and Dad picked out matched perfectly with the autumn look.

A Sweet Sibling Bond

Nathan is so sweet to his little sister and takes his big brother role very seriously. She may not want him hovering so close when she’s a teenager, but for right now, she adores him. He tried several tactics (including sticking his tongue out) to try to keep her smiling. I love the candid photos of these two so much because they really showcase their bond with each other. Mom and Dad can pull these out in a few years when the arguments break out!

Madelyn was almost ready to walk but still a little hesitant. The trail was bumpy and filled with leaves, so as soon as she could find a hand to hold onto, she was ready to explore. She’s so curious and active! This family signed up for the Baby Plan, so I photographed Madelyn when she was a newborn, then again at 6 months, and then again for this fall session. I can’t believe how fast she’s growing! It’s so exciting to see her personality develop more and more with each passing shoot.

I had a blast catching up with this family and capturing their sweet kiddos! Can’t wait to see you again!

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