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A Maternity Photo Session for Baby Number Two

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When any couple finds out they have a baby on the way, they always have dreams for the incredibly meaningful upcoming months and years of their lives. Sometimes life decides to throw some curveballs in the way, and that was true for this family, but they didn’t let it stop them from honoring their upcoming child in a beautiful way.

Mom and Dad were so excited for their maternity and newborn photos when they first called me that I couldn’t help but share their excitement! Unfortunately, though, Dad lost his job due to the pandemic and like so many families, they were forced to rethink their financial priorities. They considered skipping their photos but decided that this time in their family’s life was just too important to pass up, so they went ahead with them anyway.

It turned out to be the right decision because thankfully, Dad soon found a wonderful new job! Now they can all welcome their new baby with relief in their hearts and with amazing maternity photos to remember the experience.

We booked their session in a beautiful local park, and big-brother-to-be Sam clearly loved that idea because he had a great time exploring the new area. Still, we managed to get some terrific photos with him.

As precious as the family photos were, Mom’s photos turned out to be absolutely stunning! She had some wonderfully dramatic photos in mind, and I was thrilled to help turn her vision into a reality. I just took her inspiration and ran with it, and we ended up with fantastic photos of her dress’s flowing fabric which looked perfect against the colorful fall background. Mom and the entire family loved how their photos turned out!

best maternity photography
best maternity photography
best maternity photography
best maternity photography

If you have a baby on the way, contact my photography studio today to schedule your session.

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