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Summer ~ Newborn Photographer in Connecticut

newborn baby sleeping in a white bowl with white roses and daises around herThis is Summer, the third and completing member of this family. Her mom was looking for a newborn photographer in Connecticut a few weeks before she arrived and a good friend told her all about me. We hit it off and I knew her family would be a perfect fit for the video that you see on my home page. So after a little bout with jaundice and some time under the lights, Summer and her family came to see me when she was 3 weeks old.

big sister and brother with their newborn sister lying wide awake between themWide awake at the beginning! Summer is so lucky to grow up with these two as siblings. They were so kind and gentle with her.

newborn baby sleeping on a blue floral background on her tummy in bum up poseOnce she drifted off to sleep, Summer was super happy to have some tummy time on this beautiful floral blanket.

beautiful mom holding her newborn swaddled daughter in her arms with a bow tattoo on mom's armHere’s hoping Summer grows up to look just like her mom! Such a gorgeous lady inside and out.


newborn baby girl loosely swaddled and sleeping on a metal cotSummer was so strong she kept busting out of my swaddles. And if you’ve ever seen me swaddle a baby, you know that takes Herculean strength! But once she got that top leg out and was settled into this little bed, she just sighed and went back to dreaming.

big sister holds her newborn baby sister in her arms Summer’s big sister was so good with her and kept her safe and sound while she slumbered. Mom really wanted a photograph of her two girls sharing some time together.

newborn baby girl sleeping in a floral heart propAll tucked in and resting in this floral heart wreath, Summer raised her eyebrows right as I took the photo. She must have been having an interesting dream.

Dad holding his newborn baby girl in his arms while she is awakeWe were all giggling when Daddy got his turn to take photos with Summer. She kept making the cutest noises and here she was giving us the “popeye” wink.

newborn baby girl sleeping surrounded by pink variegated rosesSleeping in her bed with roses, Summer looks so delicate and lovely.

Family of 5 with their newborn baby sister in mom's armsAnd here they are all together, this new family of five! Congratulations on your new baby girl. I had the best time working with all of you.

If you would like to see the video that we made during Summer’s newborn photo session, visit my homepage and scroll down. It’s less than 2 minutes long and gives you a glimpse into what a newborn session with me is like.

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