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Henry ~ Newborn Photos for a Future Globetrotter

Some people are always on the hunt for their next adventure, from traveling around the world to indulging in a new adrenaline rush. That describes Mom and Dad in this adorable new family to a tee, and I had the pleasure of photographing them as they begin their latest and boldest adventure of all: parenthood.

Baby Henry is his parents’ first child, and they’re thrilled to have a third member of their fun little team. Traveling is a big part of their lives, and in fact, Mom has visited all seven continents (yes, even Antarctica)! To commemorate that trip to the icy South Pole, I had to incorporate a cute, tufted winter hat for little Henry.

Newborn photos are always a bit of a surprise: I never know if I’ll be working with a baby who’s sleeping throughout the entire session or one who’s wide awake. Sweet Henry was definitely the latter, trying to stay awake to be part of the action. It seems he already has his parents’ curious and adventurous spirit!

Luckily, though, Henry was easy to work with even while wide awake. He gave us the cutest little facial expressions and let us capture that spunky glint in his eyes. Even the most determined newborn needs a rest every so often, though, so Henry graced us with plenty of adorable sleepy photos as well.

For the most part, Henry’s parents opted for sweet and simple photos to highlight their baby boy. However, it is in these simple photos that we can see the genuine love these parents have for their bundle of joy and how much they cherish him, and I’m thrilled that I was able to capture their fun-loving yet gentle personalities.

If you have a newborn or a baby on the way, I’d be honored to capture this special stage of your family’s life. To learn more about scheduling your newborn photography session, contact me today.

Amber Sehrt, Connecticut Newborn Photographer

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