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Newborn Safety is the Priority During a Newborn Photo Session

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When it comes to your newborn, you want the absolute best for them, and that includes their safety and health. So when you are a scheduling newborn photo session, I understand why some parents feel hesitant and ask many questions beforehand – they should! More important than capturing beautiful first photographs of your brand new baby, you want to be absolutely sure that they will be in a safe, clean environment.

Believe it or not, no standards, rules, or certifications exist for newborn photography. Anyone with a camera can claim to be a newborn photographer, even without specific knowledge about the unique needs of little ones. Although I wish this industry was regulated, I want to assure families that I personally uphold strict and careful standards as a newborn photographer.

To give you peace of mind, here are some steps I take to ensure your newborn is in the best hands possible during their newborn photo session:

1.     Safe Posing

Due to lack of stability, strength, and muscle development, newborns should not be molded into positions and left to stay. Too much pressure in a position puts a baby at risk for imbalance, asphyxiation, or overheating. I create images in stages by putting together composites in order to offer proper continual support throughout every pose, specifically the ‘Potato Sack Pose,’ ‘Froggy Pose,’ and many of my complex composites (actually done on the ground).

I know signs of distress such as mottled skin or strained breathing and prevent those from happening in the first place by offering continual support of baby’s head, neck, and body. Your newborn will be supported by human hands at all times during these poses.

2.     Sibling Safety

Many newborns who have younger siblings under the age of five are not quite old enough to sit alone with a newborn. To prevent any accidents or squabbles, I always have parents or an assistant within arms reach in all of the sibling photos. And when the sibling is particularly young or not interested in posing with the new baby, I create a composite by photographing the toddler alone and then merging them into a photograph with the new baby. That way, the baby stays safe, and the older sibling gets their own time in the spotlight.

 3.     Prop & Set Safety

I ensure that all props are weighted properly to ensure their stability, and no vintage-looking props have any rough edges that could scratch your baby’s soft skin. Each set has reinforcements in place to support the baby during each pose. The entire studio and all sets are safe for parents to walk around while carrying their baby and paths remain clear to prevent accidents.

4.     Room Temperature

I keep the studio immaculate and maintain high air quality at all times with an allergen and germ filtration unit. I know that babies can get too hot or too cold easily, especially when we’re switching between poses without their clothes and poses in swaddling blankets. Baby’s sweat glands are extremely immature and only sweat on their feet and behind their necks as a newborn. I monitor their comfort throughout the session and make sure to adjust the temperature according to your baby’s needs while watching for any signs of discomfort throughout the shoot.

5.     Comfort for Parents & Recovering Moms

The studio is equipped with a comfortable velvet couch in a living room like setting, a refrigerator full of cold water, iced teas, smart water and even apple juice for your little ones. I also provide you with several fresh, healthy snacks (and a few decadent treats) to enjoy while your baby is being photographed. I have a boppy to aid you during feedings and a diaper changing station that is stocked with wipes, diapers, balms and hand sanitizer. There is also a private restroom should we need more than a few wipes to clean ourselves up after a messy diaper. I uphold the highest standards for cleanliness throughout the studio. 

If you would like to schedule your complimentary consultation to come and learn more about booking your newborn session, contact me today. I have limited availability in July and am currently booking through December 2019.

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