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Diva ~ Outdoor Maternity Photography

Outdoor Maternity Photography

Can you see why this is my absolute favorite outdoor location? The soft, trickling stream and mossy rocks dappled in sunlight make this woodland spot the perfect backdrop for photos – so perfect it’s almost surreal. But of course, any place this dreamy comes with a little work. 

Outdoor Maternity Photography

Diva and her husband wanted some extra special maternity shots of their first baby together – a baby boy! I recommended this spot but told her it would include a little bit of hiking and wading in cold river water. They’re both adventurous, and even in her third trimester, she was up to the task! She was such a trooper, and they both seemed to enjoy the little trek. It was almost like a serene getaway for the two of them before their family grows from two to three! 

I have been here many times before, but the natural beauty blows me away every time! Diva wore a gorgeous sand-colored dress that contrasted beautifully with the natural greenery all around. She stood out as a radiant gem! She was even brave enough to walk out a little way in the flowing river. Her dress fanned out, floating gracefully behind her. As she looked up, a soft ray of sunlight shone down on her. It was truly magical. 

This session perfectly portrayed them as a couple; Diva and her husband both have such calm, gentle spirits. I really enjoyed chatting with them and hearing all about the preparations they’ve made and the excitement they’re feeling in anticipation of baby boy’s arrival. They’re going to make the most wonderful parents, and I can’t wait to meet their little guy after he makes his grand appearance! Who knows, maybe he’ll love adventuring as much as his parents and we will get to do an outdoor session for him as he gets a bit older! 

Outdoor Maternity Photography
Outdoor Maternity Photography
Outdoor Maternity Photography
Outdoor Maternity Photography

Your first pregnancy is such a magical time for you and your partner that deserves to be photographed and kept for your family to cherish. If you’d love to dress up in a gorgeous gown and capture this beautiful time in your life, reach out to me today. I’m booked up through September, but I do have limited openings for the remainder of the year!

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