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Benjamin ~ Newborn Photos with a 7 week old

Sweet little Benjamin was 6 weeks old when we got him into my studio for his professional baby pictures. Completely asleep when he arrived, I thought my job was going to be a breeze. But Benjamin is one of those “not going to miss a thing” babies, so he was awake for 90% of his newborn photo session. Looking at this adorable photo though, him being awake worked out just fine.

Dad is a big sports enthusiast, so we tried to photograph Benjamin with a baseball and then a football. I think it’s obvious which sport Benjamin is excited about.

Benjamin wasn’t fussy at all. He was just as happy to be wrapped up as he was to be stretched out. Mom got this adorable photograph printed as a canvas to hang on her walls.

Since he was a little on the older side, Benjamin was happy to show us a little personality for his professional baby pictures too.

And then, at 11:50 am, Benjamin fell asleep. Having just a few minutes left in his session, I got down to business and captured every sleeping pose that I normally do during a session (all in about 20 minutes). So Benjamin plays hard, but he thankfully sleeps hard too!

Benjamin’s room has a woodland theme, so I placed him inside this woodland nest and let him slumber on.

Even though he was sound asleep, Benjamin held his fingers tightly. He must have been dreaming about playing ball as he rested his head on his hands.

All tuckered out from his morning getting professional baby pictures, Benjamin slept peacefully for his last close up of the day.

Up until 7 weeks old, your baby can still be photographed in many of the cute newborn poses that parents’ love. If you thought you missed out because your baby is older than 14 days, contact me today. I just might have an open spot that your family can take to come and get beautiful professional baby pictures created.

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