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Bubbles, Green Grass and a Little Backyard Flying Make Great Summer Family Photos

Family of 4 sitting on a brick wall outside in summertimeSome of my favorite photography sessions are those where I get to hang out with a family that I’ve worked with before. This family is a member of my Baby Club and since little Mason here just turned 6 months old, and his sister just turned 3, it was time to do another session. Given their ages and attention spans, we decide to just enjoy summer in their own backyard knowing that a familiar environment can make all the difference between happy or fussy kids.6 month old boy sitting in the grass with wooden crate behind him in summerThis little dude started off at 8lbs 5oz. I swear they are feeding him Miracle Grow because I actually went “oooof” when I picked him up off the ground. Completely solid and so serious (until Momma smiles at him, of course!) If you’d like to see how small he started, come and look back at his newborn session.Mom flying 6 month old son outside in summertimeDaddy was able to get a few smiles out of him too, but he had to add a bit of flying.Daddy flying 6 month old son around the yard in summerNow sister here is one tough cookie. She knows what she wants and it is in everyone’s best interest that she gets it. But I came prepared! Bubbles, some playtime and my 9-year-old rockstar who came along to make her smile. See, my arsenal worked!3 year old girl with blue eyes and blonde curlsOf course, Daddy and Momma had some tricks up their sleeve and made our session so much fun for their family.family of 4 walking while daughter tries to run aheadYou just can’t beat a good tickle session with Daddy though. It’s funny, today I hate getting tickled. But I remember absolutely loving it as a kid. I would laugh so hard I almost wet my pants and beg my parents to stop tickling me. Then in the next breath I’d say, “Again!” I tell you, tickle time always makes the best smiles and memories.Daddy tickles young daughter in the grassWe made sure to get that coveted family portrait. Not everyone is looking at the camera, but that’s what makes the image so real. This is what their life is really like, every day. And that’s why they will treasure these photographs.Family of 4 sitting on a bolder in front yard for portrait in summer

Oh, I mentioned bubbles, didn’t I? There is just something about those moments when children are discovering something for the first time. Just makes you want to sit down with him and check out the bubbles too!6 month old boy playing with bubbles on the lawn at duskAnd the final image (my favorite!) is of their little man enjoying some sweet potatoes. He has only been eating solids for a short time, and never with quite so much freedom to explore. As you can see, he did pretty good for his first time working a spoon!six month old eating baby food 4 images

If you would like to get some amazing photographs of your family this summer, contact me today by clicking on the link below! My next available session dates are in August. See you soon!Amber Sehrt Newborn, Baby and Family Photographer Glastonbury CT

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