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The Best Time for Newborn Photos

The Best Time for Newborn Photos

Are you expecting your first (or second or third) baby and excited to get that newborn session on the books? Wondering when is the best time to capture that blissful newborn stage? Depending on what you are going for, there’s a pretty short window for capturing the true newborn look—as you probably already know, they grow so fast! Even more reason to reach out and schedule a tentative time frame around your due date for a newborn session.

The Best Time for Newborn Photos

When to schedule

Although I can photograph a baby as a newborn up to six weeks old, ideally, we’re aiming for 6-14 days old. Before six days is a little too early because they’re cluster feeding in order to gain weight or kickstart mom’s milk supply if breastfeeding. We would have to stop too often for feedings.

On the other hand, after two weeks, they’ve had plenty of time outside the womb to stretch out, and they’ve gained some strength and energy to stay awake for longer periods of time. Older babies are more curious and attentive. Of course, baby photos are adorable at any age, but one to two weeks old is optimal for capturing those sweet curled-up poses, sleepy faces, and tiny features. They sleep through just about anything (many of my babies sleep through the whole session, outfit changes and all)! They still look like they just arrived, and it’s easy to do precious womb-like poses.

Wanting to capture it all? No worries, schedule a newborn session and a baby milestone package so you don’t miss out on a single stage. Between birth and two years, your baby will change so much. Having a collection of photos throughout the journey allows you to capture the beautiful transformation that takes place as your tiny newborn develops into a toddling child full of personality!

I’d love to be there to help you showcase it all. Contact me today to find out how.

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