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Theo ~ Mommy and Me Session | Glastonbury, CT

Mom with 4 year old son on her shoulders in the gardenTheo and his Mom have been working hard lately. They love to keep their home in tip-top shape but they also love to stop and enjoy those sweet moments of together time. As his Mom kept marveling at just how grown up her little boy was becoming, she knew she wanted to capture what their lives were like right now, while he was still little. So I went over and spent the morning with them and photographed all the little things they like to do together during a Mommy and Me Session.

4 year old boy sitting in arm chair looking serious

Little ones often need some time to warm up, especially when I pull out my huge camera. This serious moment happened right after Theo and I met.

Mom and young son playing in living roomSo Mom thought we’d break the ice with one of Theo’s favorite activities, a little fun time with mom in the living room.

4 year old boy jumping off couch into mom's waiting armsI had my heart in my throat when I captured this, but Mom just caught her little boy with ease.

4 year old boy giving mom a kiss on the cheekWhen they both needed a moment to catch their breath, Theo climbed up into his momma’s lap. Not sure what the secret he shared here was, but it made his momma smile.

Mom kissing toddler son on cheek on kitchen floor A little later, Theo ran into the kitchen and hid behind the table. Mom chased after him and caught him up in a big hug under this sunny window.

Mom and toddler son cuddling on kitchen floorHaving such a great time giggling on the floor together during this Mommy and Me session.

Mom & toddler son fixing cabinet in kitchen

While we were in the kitchen, Theo and Mom thought I’d love to see how they have renovated their little home all by themselves. Theo was great with the power screwdriver and helped his mom tighten up the handles on a few of their cabinets.

4 year old boy folding a towel on kitchen floorPretty soon, Mom heard the dryer signal that it was all done. While she went off to retrieve their next chore, Theo grabbed the towel off of the counter and began showing off his folding skills.

Mom helping toddler son change his shirt laughingWhen we ventured upstairs to do a bit of laundry, Theo mentioned that he was getting warm. So Mom helped him out of his sweater and into a comfy t-shirt. He got the giggles while she pulled his shirt over his arms.

Mom cuddling toddler sonBut before Theo let her put that new shirt on, he needed another bit of loving from his Mom.

Mom looking at baby son on bed holding his handsShe couldn’t resist turning that hug into a tickle session, which ended with this sweet moment.

Mom and toddler son reading a book on the bedOnce all of the chores were done and Theo was dressed again, we decided to wind down with some storytime on the bed. Theo was the one that did the reading!

Mom and son playing under the coversAnd finally, at the end, Theo and his mom crawled under the covers to hide from me. Theo was so surprised when I threw up the sheet and found them. Such a sweet smile from them both.

I had a great time hanging out with these two, and we did all of this in about 45 minutes. If you would like to have some memories of what your life is like right now with your kiddos, contact me today. These lifestyle sessions can be a real playdate for your family and result in some of the most meaningful photographs you could possibly imagine.

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