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Those Special Moments

Daddy and two kids throwing orange fall leaves into the air with the setting sun in the background

Here is Daddy having a ball with both of his munchkins.

When I photographed this family last fall, we had such a good time. Throwing leaves and playing games, gave us tons of happy, family portraits. However, it wasn’t until I got a chance to review the images later that I realized we didn’t photograph something very important: Dad, on his own, with each of his children.

I don’t know about you, but I would love to be able to look back at a photograph of my parent’s spending time with me one-on-one. So I always make it a point to capture images of Mom and Dad alone with each of their children. When I realized this slight, I offered to go back out to their home and do a complimentary session to take these all important photographs. They quickly took me up on my offer.

Then the snow hit. . . and hit again, until we were just buried. So we just did a lifestyle session inside their home.

Dad reads a book to his daughter

Dad and little beauty here decided to read a favorite book together. Can’t you just imagine him showing off this photo on her wedding day?

Dad and young son playing with blocks on the floor

Dad and his little 3 year old played with blocks for over half-an-hour. Little blue eyes here led the whole game and Dad was more than happy to let him. Looking at the laughter they shared, it is easy to understand why.

I’m so happy that we didn’t just brush it off and say we’d get it next time. These moments alone with their Dad are fantastic. And in 30 years, they will mean more to these 2 kids than every other childhood possession they own.

Lifestyle sessions are the most wonderful kind of photographic sessions. You end up with little windows into your life that can take you back to a moment so completely you can almost smell cookies baking in the oven and clean laundry folded on the bed. These kind of sessions don’t have to be on beautiful days or taken during the golden hours of sunset. The beauty that comes from lifestyle sessions is found in a father’s smile while the kids play around him and a mother’s hysterical laughter when they smother her with kisses. Contact me today to find out about creating and capturing these kinds of memories for your family.Amber Sehrt

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