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Twin Newborn Session vs Single Newborn Session

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Double the cuteness, double the fun! I always enjoy the chance to photograph twins when the awesome opportunity arises – what a blessing to have two little bundles of joy! I didn’t realize until I became a newborn photographer that there are actually more twins born than you might think. Over the years, I have adopted a different process to account for the needs of two newborns (or even multiples) as opposed to one. So if you are curious as to how a twin newborn session compares to a single newborn session, read on.

Here are the details for a Twin Newborn Session:

Pricing – You shouldn’t have to pay more for two little miracles, so twin sessions are priced at the same rate as a normal newborn session; however, I allow a little more time for twin sessions to account for the feeding and cuddling of two babies.

The Package – Just like single newborn sessions, twin newborn sessions include a variety of images for your collection. Single newborn sessions include photos of your baby alone as well as parent and sibling pictures, while twin newborn sessions include the following additional combinations:

·      Babies together

·      Babies together with each parent

·      Babies alone with each parent

·      Babies with siblings together

·      Whole family portrait(s)

Your gallery will include 30 photographs, just like single newborn sessions do.

My Process – It’s all about taking turns. When both babies are sleeping, I photograph them together. Then, when one needs to eat, I work with the one who is still sleeping (or at least content and awake). Once baby A finishes eating, we switch and feed baby B while I do baby A’s individual shots.

I work with an assistant for all twin sessions to make sure babies are safe and secure the entire session as well to give parents a break so they can spend time together resting on the couch during the session – it’s a win for everyone!

When it comes to your brand-new little ones – especially when you have two – you want to make sure that they are safe and well taken care of. I am experienced in working with multiples, and I would love to answer any questions you may have before scheduling your Twin Newborn Session. Please, don’t hesitate to message me!

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