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Anakin ~ Two-Year-Old Playful Photos in the Park

There is something about kids and babies that makes us stop every so often to remember the wonders of the world around us. When we see kids running around and embracing the true joy of discovering and enjoying something as simple as a park, we remember to appreciate the simple parts of life too instead of being preoccupied with our worries and stresses.

That’s certainly the effect that little Anakin had on me when we met up for his two-year photos. He’s an incredibly curious toddler, so Mom wanted to not only capture how much he’d grown as a two-year-old but also photograph him playing in the outdoors and showing off his adorable curiosity. I always love an outdoor session in the fall, so I was on board!

The morning of our session, the leaves were absolutely gorgeous in all their colorful autumn glory. We had some clouds overhead that were threatening to open up with rain, though, so we had to make a decision: try to squeeze in the session before it rained or move indoors. We choose to give it a try outside and I’m so glad that we did! God rewarded us with the most brilliant colors, fantastic lighting, and best of all, enough dryness to snap all these beautiful shots.

Anakin was a true star throughout his session. He hopped around with all the energy and positivity of a toddler enjoying his morning and checking out a fun new park, and it made for terrific photos of him interacting with his environment. Who needs props when you have rustic bridges and trees that are the perfect size for a toddler to peek around?

Mom was thrilled with how the photos turned out and with how much fun Anakin had at the park. She even stuck around after our session to give him more time to play…until the rain finally set in, at least!

If you want some special photos of your little ones, contact me to find out more about baby milestone sessions today.

Amber Sehrt, Connecticut Newborn Photographer

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