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Abby ~ Two year old and Family Photos

2 year old and mom and dad playing with fall leavesI have been photographing this family for a few years now, and it has been so sweet watching little Abby grow from a newborn into a big girl. This is the last session of their baby plan, which includes a complimentary family photography session so that you can get two year old and family photos to celebrate the end of the baby stage. If you would like to see how much Abby has grown, you can scroll back up when you are done here and visit her Newborn, 6-month, and 12-month sessions.

2 year old peaking through railings on a bridgeMiss Abby is a little quiet when she first comes on the scene, but she warms up quickly and loves to explore everything around her. This cute picture had my heart in my throat because Abby was leaning so close to the edge I thought she might tumble over the side. Mom was well aware though and made sure she was super close should she need to prevent a fall.

family portrait with 2 year old girl sitting in front of a pondWe started our toddler photography session by this small pond. Abby was happy to bounce around on mom’s lap.

Mom holding 2 year old girl's hand outside by a pondConquering this stump, Abby hopped right up and held on to Mom. She even did a few dance moves while up on her little “stage”.

Dad holding big leaf for 2 year old to jump and getPlaying with the leaves on this warm autumn day, Abby wanted to grab the huge leaf Daddy found and make it her own.

Mom, Dad and 2 year old walking across a bridgeCapturing a moving toddler and keeping them in focus can be difficult. On their stroll across the bridge, Abby was skipping and so joyful. I love that her little feet show her movement that is an ever-present part of who she is.

Mom and Dad tickling 2 year old girl outside in fallWhile trying to get a few last family portraits, we decided to take a break for a quick tickle. One of the best ways to get those genuine smiles from everyone in the family.

2 year old girl sitting by a treeIn a quick moment of stillness, Abby plopped down by the tree and gave us a grin before she was up and off again.

family portrait with 2 year old girlThat last tickle did the trick and got all the wiggles out, letting us capture this final portrait of the family. It has been my pleasure working with this family and getting to see Abby blossom into the beautiful young lady that she is today. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again and again in the future.

If you would like to get photographs taken of your toddler now that they have left the baby stage, contact me today. With spring coming up soon, we can create something that is heartwarming and beautiful for you and your little ones.

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