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Evan ~ Adorable Newborn Photos (and Creative too!)

creative newborn photos newborn baby awake in can of peaches propWelcome to the world, Evan! This sweet baby’s Dad contacted me because he and his wife loved the Batman newborn photo that I had created for another family. They really wanted that image, but they were excited to see just what else I could come up with as well. Creativity unleashed! I hope you love Evan’s adorable newborn photos.

adorable newborn photo newborn baby sleeping in boat cabinet with stuffed animalsSuch a great place to take a nap! All snuggled into a bookcase made for toys, and the perfect piece of artwork for his bedroom.

adorable newborn photos Chinese newborn baby boy sleeping in crate with his stuffed bearAll snuggled up and holding his teddy bear’s hand.

swaddled Chinese newborn baby sleeping in potato sack poseI wanted to give this family a few simple photographs of their newborn as well, so little Evan is enjoying his potato sack wrap. You can almost hear him hum, ommmmmmm.

creative newborn photos Chinese newborn baby BatmanOf course, I made little Evan into Batman as a newborn too! Dad just loved this photograph.

adorable newborn photos newborn baby boy swaddled in wooden basket with stuffed bearEvery parent loves getting a few photographs of their new baby when they are awake. Evan was so peaceful that he just enjoyed some time with his bear.

adorable newborn photos smiling Chinese newborn baby boySuch an adorable newborn photo.

adorable newborn photos Chinese newborn baby boy sleeping in bowl with a felted footballI think Evan’s has a future on the field. He gripped this football with no problem at all.

creative newborn photos newborn baby boy sleeping in garden nestAnother awake photo of little Evan in this rope nest.

adorable newborn photo Chinese newborn baby boy sleeping on tummy on cream blanketAmazingly, even though they loved all of their photographs, Mom wanted this simple image of her baby boy printed for their walls. Sometimes, the timeless poses are the favorites.

creative newborn photos newborn baby sleeping in grocery bag filled with felted vegetablesAnd my absolute favorite from their session is this photographs, which I’ve titled “Fresh from the Garden”. I may just print this one myself. But where to hang it, hmmmmm? I hope you’ve enjoyed all of the adorable newborn photos that I created for Evan’s family. They were an absolute joy for me to make!

If you would like to have a little fun with your CT newborn photography session, contact me today. I only work with 6 newborns each month so make sure to reserve your spot as soon as you can.

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