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Benjamin ~ Newborn & Maternity Sessions with Both Parents

new Dad and Mom holding newborn son in their armsBenjamin has joined this sweet couple and made them into a family of three. I love when I get to work with a family before the baby arrives by doing their Newborn and Maternity Photography sessions because I get to know them better. And I’m always amazed at the transformation that I see in the parents once their little one joins the family.

Pregnant mom and dad to be posing and smiling at studioHere Mom and Dad-to-be are all excited and full of love for each other as well as for this little baby they have yet to meet.

pregnant mom to be laughing while holding her belly

Full of smiles and laughter as little Benjamin danced in her belly.

sleeping swaddled newborn smiling on his sideThen their little baby arrives and their whole world changes. Every cute noise, small smile, and movement of their little one makes them cherish him more.

Mom holding swaddled newborn in her armsCompletely exhausted but so thankful to be holding the beautiful baby that has made her a mom.

New Dad holding and kissing newborn son in his armsDad amazed me the most. His love for his new little boy was so strong that he kept kissing him and coming over to be near him throughout their entire newborn session. So ready to hold Benjamin and do anything and everything to make him feel safe and cared for, Dad even still wore the hospital bracelet announcing to the world that this little miracle was his.

pregnant mom to be holding baby shoes over her belly

One of the things mom wanted to include in her maternity session was a tiny pair of shoes that her son would wear. And, as you’ll see in the photograph below, Benjamin seems more than happy to wear them.

newborn baby boy swaddled in grey fluff basket with grey booties on his feetmom holding newborn baby nose to noseSuch a sweet moment between mother and child.

newborn baby boy asleep with head resting on his handsSleeping so peacefully as a newborn should.

smiling newborn baby sleeping in bum up pose on grey blanketWho knows what he was dreaming about, but Benjamin got the giggles for a moment and gave me this cute grin.

Newborn baby boy sleeping in cream fluff basket on blue backgroundAnd finally resting in the most comfortable fluffy bowl, Benjamin just enjoyed his warm slumber. This picture was taken just moments before his cord fell off showing his parents his new “innie” belly button for the first time.

I’m so thankful one of my previous families told this mom about me so that we could work together too. Their photographs turned out beautiful and they were so kind and nice to work with.

If you are considering having Newborn & Maternity Photography sessions done, contact me today. I only do Maternity sessions for families that want me to photograph their newborn as well, due to the high demand for both of these types of sessions.

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