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Aubrey ~ Newborn Photos with a Big Family | Wethersfield, CT

newborn baby with family of 6 lots of kidsJust looking at this photo, you might not see anything special or even out of the ordinary. But those of you who have or have had lots of little kids swarming around your knees like bees on a rose bush know that this photo is an absolute miracle. These parents of brand new baby girl Aubrey, now have 4 kids age 4 and under. Yup, a 4-year-old son, twin 2-year-old boys, and now newborn baby girl Aubrey. Mom and Dad really wanted to get newborn photos with their big family but knew that it was going to be a bit chaotic. Being a mom of 4 kiddos myself, I was excited to work with them. (Oh, and in case you were wondering, this photo is actually 5 separate images blended together so that everyone looked their absolute best.)

newborn girl sleeping in purple bed with her stuffed animalsBeing the 4th little one, Aubrey was completely relaxed and happy to go with the flow.

4 year old big brother holding newborn baby sister and kissing herWe were able to get big brother to have a cuddle and kiss with his new sister. But the twins weren’t having it at all. So we’ll get them the next go round.

newborn baby girl in womb pose with headbandAll curled up in the womb pose, Aubrey was loving this soft blanket and the nice warm air that I had blowing around her.

Mom ad Dad holding their 4th child but first daughterMom and Dad are really enjoying Miss Aubrey as she is going to be their last baby. There is a sense of completion once your last baby joins your family, and they are making sure to enjoy every moment of her right now.

newborn baby girl sleeping with hand on cheek and purple floral headbandThis beautiful plum color was a last minute change on Mom and Dad’s part, and they are so thrilled that they decided to go with a deep color. The rich tones are really gorgeous and just make Aubrey’s warm skin glow.

Mom holding her wide awake newborn daughterSo content in Momma’s arms, Aubrey was having her awake time. Momma couldn’t be more beautiful and happy with her long awaited baby girl.

newborn baby girl sleeping on fancy grey background with pink wrapAbsolutely perfect with her rosy lips, pink toes, and swirl of hair on her head.

Dad holding his 4th child but first daughterAfter all that awake time, Aubrey had a little fuss before she finally started to settle back off to sleep. Poor Dad was a complete trooper while she cried, and was happy to be the one holding her when she was ready to settle down and rest.

If you have a full house but would really like to get newborn photos with a big family, contact me today. Having lived inside my own bee hive, I know what it’s like to have constant chaos be the norm. It’s all manageable I promise you. And in the end, you will be so thankful that you captured this moment in your growing family’s life.

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