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Cole is One ~ 1 Year Old Photography Session | Glastonbury, CT

I mean. . . seriously! This little dude is going to be one handsome man. It always amazes me to see just how much a baby changes from newborn to one year old. You can see his progress by visiting his Newborn Session and his 6-month-old session.  Cole is walking, full of smiles and giggles. His 1 year old photography session was full of fun for him.

His parents wanted both studio and outside portraits, so we started off in his home and created a tiny studio for him. Then we ventured outside and got to see the bugs dancing on the water of this little pond.

I find that about 99% of kids absolutely love flying like this with their Dad. Mom just can’t get them quite as high as flying as fast as Dad can. This move almost always guarantees a smile.

We had plenty of smiles inside too. Cole loved climbing in this chair all by himself.

When we hold our babies, Moms just can’t help stealing kisses. It’s like fuel to us and helps us keep going from morning to bedtime.

Meet Popeye! That’s the beauty of baby milestone sessions, you capture these little memories of all the things they do. I have baby books for all 4 of my kids, but only the first 3 kids books are filled out. But even if I had kept up with all 4 books, I guarantee I wouldn’t have written down things like this cute little face. Now Cole’s parents can remember this trick of his even when he is out and about on his own.

Mom and Dad sneaking a kiss while Cole catches a ride.

Cole was so fast that it was hard to catch him walking on his own. He would just run straight towards me and everything would be a blur. But here he is, just about to let that chair go and take off again.

We ended their photography session with some bubble play and Cole was so interested in these beautiful rainbow orbs. Such a pretty location with the stream behind them and the pond in front, they had a great morning out with their family and I got to photograph it all.

Keep growing little Cole and I’ll see you when you’re 2!

If you would like to have your baby and family photographed at this time in their life, contact me today. I have openings at the end of July and in August.

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