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Rory ~ Beautiful Fall Family Photos

Family of four with 3 year old daughter and 6 month old son sitting on a path outside in fallThis family has literally grown up before my eyes. I’ve photographed them twice a year for the past 3 years, and now their little boy Rory has turned 6 months old. It was just serendipity that his 6-month milestone session landed at the beginning of fall because it’s Mom’s favorite season every year. So we made the most of the fall colors and visited this popular trail in Glastonbury to capture their family just having fun together.

6 month old baby boy sitting in a crate with a fall blanket outside on a pathRory wasn’t much into smiling during our session, but that isn’t a big surprise. Dad tells me they have nick-named him Winston Churchhill because of his usual stoic expression.

3 year old little girl laughing on a path outsideAbby, on the other hand, was full of giggles and other adorable expressions. This beauty turned 3 a short while ago and is looking more grown up every day. If you want to see just how much she has grown, scroll back up when you have finished this post and review her milestone sessions: newborn, 6-months, 12 months, 2 years.

Mom playing with 6 month old baby boy on her lap on a path outside in fallThe best way to break through those blank expressions that babies love to give is to just play with them. Mom had a ball making Rory laugh.

Dad holding 6 month old baby boy in air and baby laughing outside in fallDad had his own way of bringing out the belly laughs in Rory too.

6 month old baby boy lying on his tummy on a plaid blanket outside in fallRory did give us a few grins along the way and even waved at me. Oh, and if you are curious just how cute this little dude started out, come back and view his newborn session when you are done with this post.

family of four sits on a blanket and plays with their 6 month old baby boyThis big sister tickle session had everyone smiling. I think Abby was trying to make sure that her brother didn’t keep chewing on his fingers. He has since gotten a tooth and Abby keeps checking every day to see if another one has sprouted up yet.

6 month old boy sitting in a crate outside on a path in fallNot quite sitting up on his own, Rory was happy to just take everything in while sitting in my crate.

3 year old big sister kissing 6 month old baby brother on the head outside in fallWanting to give Rory a little love, Abby ran up and gave him this sweet little kiss.

Dad kissing 6 month old son's cheek while holding him outside in fallDad stole a few kisses as well, soaking up all Rory’s babyness.

Mom kissing 6 month old baby boy outside in fall foliageAnd the best and biggest smile of the day happened at the end when Mom peppered Rory with kisses until he got the giggles.

Family sessions with little ones can be a little nerve-racking because after all the planning and then just getting there on time, kids don’t always smile and show off their best side. But if you treat the session as a “family playdate” like this family did, I promise you, you’ll love the photographs in the end. That’s the secret.

If you would like to get your family photographed this fall, contact me as soon as possible. October is fully booked, but I do still have a few spots left for November. Because once the temperatures dip below 32 degrees, we are back in the studio until spring.

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