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Brooks ~ Beautiful Newborn Photography

newborn baby boy sleeping in blue wool nest with fabric made waves and a button made skyWell hello, little Brooks! Don’t you look adorably comfy sleeping on the ocean waves. Mom and Dad really wanted a nautical theme for Brooks’ newborn session, so I made sure to really stretch myself creatively making beautiful newborn photography for them.

Mom Dad and newborn baby all snuggling in mom's armsYou can almost feel the love coming from this photograph. Brooks’ parents were so happy when he arrived and are looking forward to all of the milestones that he is going to experience right along with them.

newborn baby sleeping in bowl holding a golf ball and clubMom told me that her Dad is a huge golf fan. So we created this photograph as a Brooks’ first gift to his grandpa.

Dad holding his newborn son in his hands

Daddy was so sweet as he held his little boy. It took Brooks a few wiggles to get comfortable, but then he just sighed and settled into his daddy’s chest.

swaddled newborn sleeping on grey backgroundSometimes the simplest photographs are the most moving. Just by placing Brooks on this grey background he takes command of the image and you can’t help by smile at his sweet face.

Mom smiling at newborn son in her handsAfter having me play with Brooks for a couple of hours, Mom was more than happy to have her little man back in her arms.

newborn baby swaddled sleeping in nest on beach at sunriseMom and Dad love the beach too, so I thought why not have Brooks’ enjoy a sunrise with them!

newborn baby boy sleeping in bum up pose on grey blanket

Resting on a fantastic grey blanket, Brooks loved being on his tummy.

Newborn baby sleeping in rowboat styled bookcaseI bet Brooks ends up doing a ton of reading as he grows up. But until he is ready to fill this bookshelf with books, it makes the perfect napping spot.

swaddled newborn sleeping in a blue wool nest among sea bead made out of felt and yarnAnd a little “under the sea” magic brought Brooks to this fantastic napping spot. Such a sweet little boy and an absolutely lovely family to work with.

If you would like to have beautiful newborn photography created for your family, contact me today. I have just a few spots in each month left for the remainder of the year.

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