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Outdoor Baby Photographs ~ Glastonbury, CT

6 month old baby girl looking up at the camera with big sweet eyesThis sweet little girl came to see me when she wasn’t feeling her best. Dad wanted to surprise Mom with these outdoor baby photographs and had set things up months and months ago. But when the day for her session came, she was getting over a cold and wasn’t reacting to the antibiotics very well. However, she was all smiles, so we just moved quickly and then whisked them off to the pediatrician.

6 month old baby girl lying on her tummy on a quilt on the grass playing with blocksSince she had just turned 6 months old, I wanted to capture all of the skills she had just mastered. This pushing up from her belly was one that she had down pat.

6 month old baby girl lying on a blanket looking up at a butterflyWhile she was playing with her feet, she got a visit from a gentle forest friend.

6 month old baby girl sitting on a blanket smiling at a butterfly that landed on her blanket in the sunHe took off quickly, but then came back for a brief visit. Once she reached for him though, he flew away for good.

6 month old baby girl sitting on a blanket in the grass looking at a block in her handSo, we got out the next best thing. Blocks!

6 month old baby girl lying on her back on a pink quilt on the grass smilingTowards the end of our session, she lay down and started to get grumpy. So Dad went in for a tummy tickle and got this smile.

up close detail photo of 6 month old baby girl's eyelashes as she chews on a blockTiny details like her long, dark lashes are always a favorite of mine to capture for the parents.

6 month old baby girl smiling outside sitting on a blanket in the grassAnd finally, a full-on belly laugh! This little cherub was an absolute joy to photograph. And Dad tells me that she started feeling better later that day.

If you would like to capture all of the things that make your baby special before she gets any bigger, contact me right away. I am booking up quickly for Fall!

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