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Emilia ~ Bright and Airy One-Year Photos

A year ago, I had the privilege of working with baby Emilia and her adoring parents for Emilia’s newborn session. They were such a close family from the start, and we had so much fun creating customized portraits for her newborn gallery. We found unique ways to pay homage to Mom and Dad’s Ukrainian and Polish heritage, and I could already tell that Emilia was growing up in a vibrant and loving home.

With all those great memories, I was thrilled when Mom called me to schedule one-year photos for Emilia. I couldn’t wait to see how much she’d grown and to create another round of special portraits. We went for more of a classic look this time around, with open and airy backgrounds that truly make Emilia shine like the star she is.

In my time as a professional baby photographer, I’ve learned without a doubt that you can never know what type of mood your child will be in when the day arrives. You might know that it’s a special afternoon, but your baby just thinks it’s a normal day and that doesn’t always work out in your favor. While we tried to plan Emilia’s session around her naps, she had other ideas so she was sleepy and a bit irritable during her session.

It took some strategizing, but we managed to capture plenty of peaceful moments with Emilia. Eventually, she realized that this was actually a lot of fun, so she finally let her happy nature shine through. I was so glad we were able to get a few of those sweet smiles for Mom and Dad to treasure.

If you want to capture your own child’s special milestones with the help of a professional baby photographer, look no further. Contact my studio today to book your session.

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