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Felix ~ Newborn Pictures with a Big Family

newborn baby sleeping on red background with head on arms and baby elephant Meet Felix. He and his mom came to visit me a week after he was born while Dad took all of their other kids to the doctor. Everyone was sick but mom and baby. So, we did all of Felix’s alone photographs and then decided that we would do the family and baby photographs at their home once everyone was well. Sometimes, that’s just what you have to do when you want to get great newborn pictures with a big family.

Family of six with newborn baby in the middleWell, that took an entire month! But, boy was it worth it. This family was so much fun to work with. They reminded me of when I brought my fourth little bundle of joy home and all of the commotion that continued to flow despite the fact that there was a new baby to care for.

newborn baby holding a carrot while sleeping with Peter Rabbit and his friends keeping watchFelix was born around Easter so I had to create a photograph to capture all that spring would soon have in store for them.

Mom holding her newborn son while her adopted daughter pats him gentlyThe road to complete their family was a difficult one peppered with many losses and some hard-won gains. But holding the final member of their family, with her daughter by her side, it was all worth it.

Connecticut newborn photographer baby sleeping on grey furSuch a chill little dude, Felix let me know he was completely content with this adorable grin.

Dad holding newborn son while toddler and older child give the baby a hugSometimes there is just so much love in our hearts we have to be careful how we pass it on. Dad was happy to help his older sons give Felix a hug while keeping him safe and sound.

newborn baby sleeping in a woodland cornucopiaTheir hearts and hands are full, and now with Felix, so is their woodland cornucopia.

Daddy tree or kids draped all over their Dad while holding a newborn babyI know this photograph will be displayed on their walls for years and years. Dad and Mom just loved it, and it really does show just how much fun it is to grow up in this family.

Connecticut Newborn Photographer baby sleeping on red background in bum up poseWith all of the fun photographs that I created for them, I always make sure to capture simple images as well. Here, Felix is just resting and you can see how perfectly God made him.

Mom holding her newborn son against her chest and looking at cameraGetting a moment to snuggle her baby all by herself. Being a mom of four, this is an occurrence that won’t happen very often.

newborn baby sleeping on his tummy on a doll sized bedAll tuckered out and sleeping in a bed just right for him. For now, Felix is sleeping in Mom and Dad’s room. But it won’t be long before they will need to stack another bunk bed for him.

three siblings holding newborn baby in their lapsMom wanted to get one photograph of all her babies together. But with the oldest wanting to be silly, and their 2-year old wanting to hold “his baby” all by himself, we had to work fast. In the end, this candid shot was a great memory of the moment.

newborn baby sleeping in red bowl of fluff surrounded by swirl of flowersAnd finally, Felix all wrapped up and in the center of everything. As the youngest, that won’t always be true in his family. But for now, as this Connecticut newborn photographer, I wanted to make sure to show just how special he is all by himself.

If you would like to get your newborn baby and family photographed, contact me today. I’d be happy to capture all of the special memories that happen once your newest little one joined your life.

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