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Matthew ~ Newest Little Brother Leaves Mom Surrounded by Boys

sleeping newborn wrapped in egg wrap inside wooden bowl filled with soft grey fluffMeet Matthew. He is the newest addition to this growing family, and I was introduced to his parents by their cousins who just had me photograph their newborn baby girl several months ago. So when Matthew was about to arrive on the scene, they needed a professional newborn photographer asap.

2 year old brother holding newborn brother and looking at cameraMatthew has the cutest big brother, Christopher, who is just under two years old. Getting that sweet sibling photograph is always important to parents, but the younger the sibling is, the more challenging it can be. For this image, Mom and Dad were on both sides of the boys, supporting Matthew and making sure that Christopher didn’t bolt from the scene. With quite of bit of photoshop work, I was able to remove the parents from the photo and give them this beautiful image of their two boys together.

smiling newborn boy sleeping with knitted ice skates resting against him

Dad is a huge hockey lover and still plays to this day. Matthew’s grandma crocheted these hockey skates to include in his photography session. She did the same for his cousin for her session with me, but made them a touch smaller. I guess she knows just how big Matthew is going to end up being one day.

Mom holding her newborn son with her cheek resting on his headMatthew woke up for us when it was time for his family photographs. Mom dressed him and Christopher in matching outfits and loved getting a snuggle with him before the other boys joined them.

newborn baby boy sleeping under knitted blanket with stuffed rabbit

Matthew is having a sweet dream under this special knitted blanket. His great-grandmother, whom he didn’t get to meet earthside before she passed, knitted it and the family gave it to mom at her baby shower. This woman was so special to everyone that knowing how much love she put into making the blanket brought everyone to tears. So to pay homage to her continued care of her family, we made sure to use it in Matthew’s session.

Dad holding his tiny newborn son in his hands and kissing his headDad is such a tall man, he almost didn’t fit on my backdrop. So seeing his tiny little boy fit snuggly in his hands is so sweet. Matthew has some big shoes to fill one day, but I have a feeling that won’t be a problem.

newborn boy sleeping in wooden bowl with grey wrap laying around himBut no matter how big he will eventually be, Matthew started out like all babies do: tiny enough to fit comfortably in a bowl. He was born on March 21st and was 7 lbs, 6 oz and 20.5 inches.

newborn boy sleeping in his mom's hands on black backgroundMom could even fit him in the palms of her hands too.

newborn boy sleeping on his tummy with head resting on his arms on blue backgroundAll stretched out and sleeping on his arms, Matthew was so peaceful.

family of 4 with newborn in mom's armsFinally, all together, you can see that Mom is definitely surrounded by boys. But I have a feeling, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you are thinking about hiring a professional newborn photographer in CT, contact me today. I’d be happy to tell you all about it and send you information so we can save your place on my calendar.

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