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Quinn ~ Family Cake Smash

baby girl sitting up in the garden wearing a necklace and tutu surrounded by bubblesWell hello, Miss Quinn! You have gotten so big over the last year! I first met Quinn when she was just a few days old and we did her newborn photographs. When you’ve finished looking at the photographs we took from this family cake smash session, come back up and check those out so you can see just how much she’s grown.

parents walking 1 year old baby girl in the gardenMom and Dad wanted to do a cake smash session for her, but we wanted to get some family photographs taken as well so I created those first. Quinn is almost walking on her own, but here she is happy to have the help from both her parents.

1 year old little girl sitting in a chair in the garden

Sitting up all by herself now, Quinn loved my toddler chair. By next year, her feet will touch the floor.

Dad holding 1 year old baby girl up over his head and smilingNothing is better than flying with your Dad.

mom sitting with baby girl in the garden picking flowersAlready picking flowers for Mom. Just wait Mom, those bouquets will get bigger and bigger right along with her.

Mom and Dad kissing baby girl between them in the gardenSo loved and adored!

one year old girl chewing on a necklace wearing a tutu with balloons in the backgroundWhile her parents were getting the cake ready, Quinn had a little nibble on her necklace.

one year old birthday girl touching a cake with her fingersThis cake was almost too pretty to break into. But after a moment of timid exploration, Quinn decided she wanted what was inside.

little girl wearing a necklace and tutu eating cake with her hands

Yup, Quinn decided that the cake was definitely yummy.

one year old girl holding out a piece of cake from her cake smash sessionBeing the sweet girl that she is, Quinn offered her parents a chunk of the cake she was enjoying.

little girl in tutu covered in cake and icingHaving had her fill, Quinn was all smiles and not that messy after all!

family photo of mom dad and baby girl in the garden in springSuch a beautiful spring day, we were able to get this beautiful family portrait during her family cake smash session as well. Congratulations Mom and Dad on a fantastic first year as parents! You’ve done a wonderful job raising this little cutie.

If you would like to have a cake smash session for your little one and get family photographs done as well, contact me today. Capturing your baby’s one-year milestone and the love you all share is one of my specialties.

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