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Brielle ~ Maternity and Newborn Photography Hartford CT

newborn baby girl sleeping in modified froggy pose with a crown on her headThis adorable little girl is Brielle. She is the cutest little princess and was an absolute angel during her newborn photography session. Her mom contacted me early in her pregnancy so that we could plan to do both Maternity and Newborn photography for her family.

pregnant woman poses in the woods in front of a river with sunbeamsSuch a beautiful momma-to-be and quite the princess herself.

pregnant woman in pink dress wearing a tiara and holding a newborn crown in front of her bellyHere, mom is holding the same crown that Brielle is wearing in the first photograph.

baby girl sleeping in a nest of spring flowers

Such a little baby, Brielle was only 5 lbs 4 oz at birth.

pregnant woman and her husband in the forestBut before she got here, you can see just how happy both Mom and Dad were about her impending arrival.

Mom Dad and newborn baby pose for first family portraitAnd now, it’s like she has always been a part of their lives because she always will be.

boy and girl cousins hold their newborn baby girl cousinBrielle’s cousins joined us for the first part of her session so that we could create some photographs of them all together. These little ones moved away from Connecticut shortly after this day, so this photo is extra special to both of their sets of parents.

swaddled newborn girl sleeping in a heart shaped basket covered in rose petalsAll snuggled up in her swaddle, Brielle was happy to rest in this beautiful floral heart nest.

pregnant woman poses in front of white water in the forestWhen Mom put on her second outfit during her maternity session, I was completely amazed. She looked fantastic!

mom holding her newborn daughter on her chest and smiling at the cameraAnd now with her little love in her arms instead of her tummy, she looks just as amazing and even more content.

newborn baby girl wearing hair curlers and holding a crocheted hair dryerMom owns her own business as a hairdresser, so we just had to create this hysterical photograph.

Dad holding his newborn daughter in his hands cheek to cheekWith his little girl resting so peacefully in his hands, Dad couldn’t be more proud. One day these hands will help her take her first steps, walk her into kindergarten and eventually down the aisle. What an adventure they have ahead of them.

newborn baby sleeping in pink bed with bright pink tulips next to herBecause she was born at the beginning of spring, I created this photograph of Brielle napping among the tulips.

newborn baby girl swaddled and sleeping in a circle of lilac colored flowersPhotographs like this are perfect for decorating the nursery. It captures how tiny Brielle was and is made even more beautiful by the lovely spring flowers surrounding her.

Mom Dad and newborn baby triangle in black and whiteAnd finally, back to their new trinity as a family of three. Oh, how lovely they all are.

If you would like to experience Maternity and Newborn photography in the Hartford, CT area, contact me today. I am currently taking bookings for September – December of 2018.

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