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Getting a 3D/4D Ultrasound When You’re Pregnant~ The Best Experience

3D ultrasound showing baby inside womb with eyes open“And there’s your baby. Look, her eyes are open!” said the ultrasound technician. At that moment, I was finally able to relax and let my heart fill with joy about my pregnancy and the baby girl that was growing inside me.

I had lost our first baby to a miscarriage, which is devastating enough on its own, but more so when you’ve been trying for years just to conceive. So when my doctor told me that the IVF had worked and we were pregnant, I kept that protective blanket over my heart. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing another pregnancy, so I couldn’t get attached to this one until I was sure that everything was going to be ok.

Every woman in this country that gets prenatal care will have at least one ultrasound during her pregnancy. But that flat image, which looks more like an x-ray than a life, does very little to help parents connect with their unborn child.showing the difference between all of the types of ultrasound for babies inside the womb

But getting a 3D ultrasound allows parents to see their baby’s face, with her round little cheeks, and his perfect little hands. Many parents even get to see that their baby-to-be already looks like Dad or his big sister. It’s an up-close and personal experience that allows you to see your baby move and stretch, yawn and smile. And with the HD ultrasound, your can see your baby in the most realistic way possible before they are born.

This experience was so powerful for me that I wanted all of my families to know about it.

Amazingly, there are only two places in Connecticut that you can have a 3D/4D ultrasound done. And we are so fortunate that one of them is conveniently located in Glastonbury.

Joe and Gina Beaudoin at work at A Tiny Perspective 3D/4D Ultrasound for babies

Gina and Joe Beaudoin opened A Tiny Perspective because they wanted to provide families with a caring, comfortable environment where they could come and experience their unborn baby in an up close and personal way.

the comfortable waiting room at A Tiny Perspective 3d & 4d Ultrasound providerFamilies even have the chance to invite extended family and friends to come with them or they can invite them to a closed web portal so that all of their closest loved ones can experience the ultrasound with them in real time.

extra seating for your family and friends in the ultrasound room at A Tiny Perspective 3d & 4d Ultrasound provider

Comfortable living room seating for your family and friends to join you as you all experience your 4D ultrasound on a large flat screen TV

the comfortable ultrasound table at A Tiny Perspective 3d & 4d Ultrasound providerBeing such a personal and extraordinary occasion, you might think that this type of ultrasound is out of your financial reach. I’m happy to tell you that this service is surprisingly affordable. There are several packages to choose from so that you only pay for the level of service that is important to you. All of which are less than you’d spend on one trip to Carter’s baby store.

4D ultrasound of baby inside the womb

So, if you are eager to see your little one but his birthday is still months away, contact Gina at A Tiny Perspective and see how easy it is to enjoy this unforgettable experience.

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