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Taking the Photo is only Half the Work

Sometimes you show up to photograph family and have to figure out how to make things work on the spot. This rambunctious family had both teenagers and babies, and I knew organizing 6 people was going to be a task for Mom and Dad on picture day. So in our pre-session consultation, we decided just to do the photos at their home. And I’m so glad we did because it was so cold that day that everyone was turning blue!

kids from 2 marriages in family on front porch One Big Happy PhotoThe problem for me came when I saw their backyard fence. Awesome yard, but I knew that they weren’t going to love having a chain link fence running through their family photos. But, I knew I could make it work in the end so we went for it.

before and after family photograph in backyard to beautiful fall woodsAs you can see above, the family looks amazing. But I knew I could give them something spectacular with some heavy Photoshop work. So glad I did too, because the ending results are just stunning.

toddler and baby brother photos side by sideTheir backyard worked just fine for the closeups of these little cuties. No way I could have made them any more adorable.

Mom holding her two little boys on her lap One Big Happy Photo

But I want Momma to have photographs that just take her breath away. So I took this great memory on the left and made it sing in Photoshop. Just so you know, this isn’t easy and it takes a considerable amount of time. But turning a cute photo into a piece of art is what I love to do for my families.

toddler kissing baby brother on the head in garden One Big Happy PhotoMom got this adorable photo in a 20×30 fine art print and has it displayed on her staircase landing. As they grow, this image will remind them of how little they began and how much they loved each other.

3 brothers throwing fall leaves in the air One Big Happy PhotoOnce the baby was just done and needed to go inside to warm up a bit, the older boys decided to take advantage of the joys of fall! Again, quite a bit of Photoshop magic was done here, but the laughter and fun was 100% real. And that’s how they will all remember it.

Families are crazy busy, and as time marches on, it only gets more intense. However, wonderful family memories and gorgeous family photos, even with teenagers and babies, don’t have to be impossible. If you would love to get your family photographed but were afraid the hassle would make it too much, give me a call. I specialize in making things super easy for busy families.

Amber Sehrt One Big Happy Photo Newborn Photographer Glastonbury CT

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