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Hailee & Ryan ~ Studio Family Session with Twins

This casual family portrait completely sums up the personalities of everyone in this family. They came to see me for this studio family session with twins on a very rainy day, so taking photographs in the garden was not an option. But we made the best of it and had a great time in the process. Mom and Dad are some of the most laid back, fun parents. It is going to be a blast for these two growing up in their home.

6 month old girl boy twins sitting in basket smiling at the cameraRyan and Hailee were both in a great mood as we took their photos. Ryan is a complete ball of laughs and had a wide smile the entire time. His sister Hailee was much more serious but loved posing for the camera. Mom tells me she was the exact same way in the womb, always demanding additional ultrasounds so she could pose for her picture to be taken.

Dad holding 6 month old son on his lap and smilingThese two are the spitting image of each other. They even have the same hair do!

Mom holding her 6 month old baby girl smiling for studio portraitHailee kept trying to readjust her bow, but she ended up being content to play with a twirl of mom’s hair.

smiling baby girl sitting up on grey rug with large pink bowThe most perfect pose and smile from Miss Hailee. She was sitting up all by herself and was as stable as can be.

6 month old baby boy sticking his tongue out and smiling on grey fur blanketRyan could sit up too, but he was so interested in everything around him that he kept falling over. So we just laid him on his back and played tickle games which resulted in this fantastic expression.

Mom flying her 6 month old baby boy in the air and laughingMom has a wicked tickle that just kept Ryan in stitches. She likes to roughhouse with both of them knowing they won’t break and that they are loving every minute of it.

Dad holding 6 month old baby girl in the air and smilingHailee got her own chance to fly with Daddy and gave him a huge smile which made him beam right back.

6 month old baby girl being serious under the edge of a grey blanket on grey fur rugShowing us her serious and adorable side, Hailee was so sweet peeking out from underneath this blanket.

6 month old boy smiling wide on his tummy on grey fur blanketNothing could stop the smiles on this boy though. Ryan just lit up every time you caught his eye.

Family photograph of Mom Dad and girl boy twinsThis beautiful photograph made it onto the cover of their portrait box so that they could display it in their home. It’s going to be amazing to see just how much these little munchkins grow in the next few years, moving off their parents’ laps and running circles around them. I just loved working with these parents because we really saw eye to eye on what it means to raise a family. Thanks so much for trusting me to capture this fun time in your family’s life.

If you would like to have a studio family session to keep things simple and classic, contact me today. It’s never too early to start thinking about getting photos for your holiday cards and to give as Christmas presents.

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