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A.J. & Charlie ~ Winnie the Pooh Cake Smash

cake smash photography glastonbury ctWell, hellooooooo A.J. and Charlie! Thank you so much for coming to visit Pooh to celebrate your first birthday! Because your mom loves Winnie the Pooh and all of his friends so much, she asked me to photograph this adorable cake smash event for you. But first, we had to create this special piece of artwork for your room.

Now. . . on to the Winnie the Pooh Cake Smash!

cake smash photography glastonbury ct

Before we begin the messy part, I always get photographs of babies all cleaned up so that the families can have that adorable portrait of their little one at one year old. Mr. A.J. had a great time in his Tigger costume and was all smiles for the camera.

cake smash photography glastonbury ct

Mom tells me that Charlie is a real ham, especially in front of the camera. Well, either that or this Winnie the Pooh costume makes him feel like a million bucks.

cake smash photography glastonbury ct

A few years ago when I did their big sister Emily’s cake smash session, we created a photograph of her enjoying her favorite book. So we had to do the same thing with her little brothers too!

cake smash photography glastonbury ct

Mom wanted a photograph of the boys in their “birthday suits” and asked me if we could do something that went along with the Winnie the Pooh theme. Keeping things modest, we lined our crew up and I shot right as Charlie looked over his shoulder to check things out.

Now, on to the messy part. . .

connecticut cake smash photographer

Mom had the incredibly talented DaliCakes create this adorable “Hunny” pot cake for the boys to dig into. A.J., on the left, and Charlie, on the right, started off just exploring the texture of the buttercream frosting and seeing if the bees would really buzzzzzzzz.

connecticut cake smash photographer

Once they started digging in the twins did what twins do. One wanted to have fun with it and the other wasn’t so amused. Charlie was full of laughs but A.J. still wasn’t sure that this cake was all it was cracked up to be. I think he’s been sampling his own mom’s delicious desserts and had decided that her’s were his favorite.

cake smashed by twin 1 year old boysWithin a few minutes though, the boys made short work of this cake and were wearing most of it.

Twin one year old boys look up from their smashed cakeBy this time, they had played quite a bit and were getting a bit “over” the cake. But I snuck up behind them and captured their big blue eyes staring up at me.

Twin 1 year old boys messy after smashing their Winnie the Pooh cakeAll in all, I’d say this cake smash session was a huge success. Not a lot of cake was eaten, but we sure had fun and a lot of laughs watching them demolish it!

Happy Birthday you sweet little boys!

If you would like to have a fun filled cake smash session for your little one, contact me today. I am taking bookings from September through December of this year and filing up fast!

connecticut cake smash photographer

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