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Raven ~ Homestead Family Photos

Three kids under the age of five. That phrase alone sounds exhausting, and any parent who has had young kids can imagine the amount of care and constant attentiveness involved in every day. For this Mom and Dad, though, they simply exude love and kindness and not an ounce of stress. It’s a joy to watch them just enjoy spending time with their kids, and it’s even more of a joy to capture those memories on film.

This photo session was meant to capture how much six-month-old Raven has grown. I’ve actually been photographing the family for four years, back when their first daughter Eva was born. I had the privilege of doing newborn, six-month, and one-year photos for both Eva and her brother Zane, as well as newborn photos for Raven before this most recent session.

While part of the challenge of planning a session is choosing a location, we were lucky enough to be able to photograph this family at their own home. Not only do they have a stunning home but their property’s landscape looks like a park, so it made for a beautiful and private setting. I love the idea of photographing kids at their home too because when they get older and see themselves in their childhood homes, it makes the photos that much more special.

This entire family was such a joy to work with throughout the session. Baby Raven has an adorable smile, and Eva and Zane are incredibly sweet and loving toward her as well. I feel so fortunate to be able to watch this family grow and enjoy the experience of going through life together. I can’t wait to capture even more memories for them and continue adding to their photo album.

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