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Joshua ~ A Sleepy Angel’s Newborn Photos

For all types of families and parents, when a new baby comes into their world, life is busier than it’s ever been. They’re not only learning to adjust to their baby’s sleeping and eating schedule as well as simply the fact that they now have a baby who needs them constantly, but they’re balancing all this with the essentials of life too. Sometimes you have to make some adaptations, and for this photo session, the adaptations worked well.

Baby Joshua was born to parents who are both dentists. Because of this, Dad’s schedule is extremely busy during Mom’s maternity leave. Since it would be difficult for Dad to find enough time in his schedule for a full newborn session including family photos, we came up with a work-around. The whole family came in for the quick family portion of the session on a Sunday, with Mom and Joshua returning a few days later for Joshua’s solo newborn photos. The end result was a beautiful gallery that still looks like one cohesive session.

For the aesthetics, Mom loved simple, classic photos that were bright and airy. She chose a color palette of light gray and white with just a touch of color, and it fit Joshua’s calm demeanor perfectly. In fact, he was incredibly sweet throughout the session, never complaining once and letting us take plenty of gorgeous photos.

Speaking of baby Joshua, let’s talk about his amazing hair! He has the most perfect hair you’ve ever seen on a newborn (or most adults, for that matter). Between his stunning hair and the fact that his parents are sure to make certain that he grows up with amazing teeth, this lucky baby is destined to be super handsome!

If you’d like to schedule a photo session for your own growing family, contact my photo studio today.

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