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Nevin ~ Just the Kids Newborn Session

Having just moved to town and then given birth to their third child, Nevin (he’s the tiny one in the middle), Mom and Dad were eager to find a newborn photographer that could work them in and capture this special time in their lives. However, lacking sleep and just wanting to take care of all of the other pressing matters, they really didn’t want to be in the photos themselves. So, we made this newborn session just about the kids!

Nevin was the perfect little gentleman, wrapping up so perfectly and even giving me a quick chuckle when I took this newborn portrait.

Closing his eyes as tightly as he could, Nevin slept peacefully through all of the newborn posing and repositioning.

All tucked in like he is still resting in the womb, Nevin dreamed on.

Getting a close-up newborn photo of his tiny features, Nevin looks like he is pondering something very important.

Snuggled into this tushy-up pose, Nevin’s sweet little lips an adorable back rolls just make you think awwww.

Another portrait of the kids all together, proudly holding their new baby brother. Mom and Dad couldn’t believe how big their oldest looked and how perfectly still their little girl was for me.

And one more of little Nevin all swaddled up and sleeping in a bed of cozy fur. Isn’t he just perfect!

If you would like to get a Just the Kids newborn session or one that includes Mom and Dad too when your baby arrives, contact me today. I am currently accepting bookings for January 2019 and beyond.

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