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Luke ~ Toddler Photography Session Wethersfield, CT

5 images blended across of toddler eating a jar of food from beginning to end One Big Happy PhotoMr. Luke here has come a long way in a year. Looking at him demolish this jar of food, you would never know that he was born crazy early. He spent the first several months of his life in the NICU, so a newborn photography session wasn’t in the cards for him. But I did get to create something beautiful for his parents once he was home and doing well. If you’d like to see little Luke in his session from last year, scroll back up and click on All Babies are Heaven-Sent, but This One had a Little Miracle on His Side once you’ve seen everything here.

toddler boy sitting in chair wearing a plaid shirt and whale tie One Big Happy Photo

Mom wanted to make the most of his toddler photography session, so she went shopping for many different outfits. We didn’t get to them all since getting dressed and undressed is about as fun as getting your diaper changed when you are a toddler. But this cutie smiled for us while wearing his tie!

18 month old boy crawling on grey in a denim jacket One Big Happy PhotoHappy to get into something a little less formal, Luke showed off his crawling skills. Mom got a total workout during his session since Luke kept crawling all over the place. So she played “baby wrangler” and kept running after him.

toddler sitting in tin bucket on grey background with colorful bubbles in air One Big Happy PhotoTo give Luke a break between outfit changes, we just left him au naturale and had some fun with a tin bathtub and some bubbles.

top down picture of toddler's blonde curls One Big Happy PhotoLike so many toddlers, Luke has the most amazing blonde curls. Dad wanted to cut them before his toddler photography session, but Mom said “No Way!” But sooner or later that first haircut is going to happen and these curls might disappear. But with this image, Mom will always be able to look back and remember how adorable and silky his gorgeous curls were.

toddler holdling a toy moose by the antlers One Big Happy PhotoSince we were attempting to get a photo for the Christmas card during his session, we added a simple prop for the season. Luke couldn’t wait to get ahold of this Christmas moose and had the best time playing around with him.

toddler boy sitting still in plaid shirt on grey background One Big Happy PhotoSerious as he can be here, Mom was completely shocked because her little boy is always full of giggles and laughter. Mom even had her best friend come over during the session, and they both stood behind me acting as silly as they could trying to elicit laughter. Luke just looked at us like we were nuts. But that’s kids for you, doing the unexpected every time we feel like we’ve finally got them figured out.

18 month old boy sitting on ground and messy from eating jar of food One Big Happy PhotoAnd even though this image is part of the 5-across banner, I just had to put it in here by itself. Pure joy was all Luke as he finished the entire jar of food all by himself!

Want to get your toddler photographed to capture all of the little things that make them so darn cute? Contact me today to chat about what you want and how you can get on my calendar.

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