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Natural Beauty ~ A Maternity Shoot

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For so many new mothers, pregnancy is a time when they feel more connected with nature than ever before. They’re taking part in the miraculous yet natural development of brand new life. After all, there’s a reason for the term, “Mother Nature.”

That was certainly the case for this beautiful family. Mom is from England, a country well-known for its stunning gardens, so it’s no surprise that she wanted her maternity photos to take place in a natural setting.

Fortunately, it was the perfect time of year for outdoor photos too. We took her pictures in the crisp air of early fall, when much of the landscape still held the rich, deep greens of summer yet there were a few trees beginning to change their colors – just enough to sprinkle the background with gorgeous golds and reds.

Throughout this shoot, the only things that were shining brighter than the sunset were Mom and Dad’s smiles. They’re about to have their first baby, and they’re beyond excited to welcome their daughter. Mom and Dad couldn’t stop beaming, and it’s easy to picture them showering their baby girl with love when she makes her long-awaited entrance.

Speaking of showering, I absolutely loved the waterfall background for this shoot! It complemented Mom’s blue dress perfectly while also creating a soothing sense of calm and nourishment as it breathed new life into the environment around it. What better metaphor for a serene mother who’s giving her baby the gift of life?

I’m thrilled for this sweet couple in their journey of starting their family! I’m sure that lucky baby girl will have the same beautiful smile that her parents share and that by joining this happy couple, she’ll have plenty of reasons to flash that smile too.

best maternity photographers in connecticut
best maternity photographers in connecticut
best maternity photographers in connecticut

To book a maternity shoot for your growing family, reach out to me today.

Amber Sehrt, Connecticut Newborn Photographer

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