Top 10 things to do to have the best newborn photography session

best newborn photography

Ready for your newborn’s very first photoshoot? Follow these 10 steps!

Before Session

1.   Be Mindful of What You Eat.

For instance, stay away from spicy, gas-inducing foods 48 hours before session. If you are breastfeeding, keep in mind that the food you eat (such as caffeine) could potentially affect baby, too.

2.   Plan Around Baby’s Procedures.

If baby has to have any minor surgeries, plan the session accordingly. We don’t want to put baby at risk. For baby boys, make sure circumcision is at least 48 hours before session or after session.

Day of Session

3.   Bathtime!

To make sure that your baby’s skin and hair is in their best shape, give your baby a warm, relaxing bath before the session.

4.   Playtime!

During the shoot, we want baby to be sleepy and relaxed. We want your baby to nap throughout the session, so go ahead and keep baby awake for two hours before session.

5.   Snacktime!

Bring bottles of expressed milk or formula for quick feeds during session.

6.   Showtime!

Dress baby in loose, easy-to-remove clothing for quick changes and swaddling. The studio will be warm enough for baby, so no need to bundle. up.

During Session

7.   Parents should dress in Layers.

Because we adjust the temperature for baby’s bare skin, the studio gets warm at times. Bring layers you can take on and off, depending upon the season.

8.   Plan it Out.

Sessions take three hours (with a toddler, it can be 4). Toddlers and Partners don’t have to stay entire time if they need to leave, but of course, Mom needs to stay. Family photos only take 30-40 mins, so afterward, other kids and partners can leave if they would like.

9. Rest.

I’ve done this for many years (and I have babies of my own), so I know how tired new parents are right after labor, delivery, and homecoming. I will do all of the work for you, forming the composites as needed. Parents should plan on resting during the session, and I have space in the studio for you to relax.

10. Keep Guests to a Minimum. 

The studio is small, so ideally, just mom, her partner, and other immediate family members should be there. Don’t worry, all the others will love seeing the photos when you share them!

These are just a few tips to help your newborn session get off to the best start. For more details and guidance to help you get the most beautiful photographs you’ve dreamed of, contact me today.

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