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Lyra ~ Always Bring Snacks – 12 month Milestone Session

This adorable little girl is Lyra (pronounced Ly-ruh). She is now a year old and had just learned to walk. Mom and Dad had me photograph her newborn session last year and wanted to get her 12 month milestone session photographed now that she has grown so much. She’s normally a happy baby who keeps them smiling all day long. But NOT on this day, and we couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

Lyra never completely lost it, but you could tell that she just wasn’t happy. You’ll notice the majority of her photographs feature her pacifier “Pink Kitty”. Every time we attempted to take Pink Kitty away, Lyra would begin to cry. So we made the most of it and photographed them with her lovey securely in her mouth.

Mom looking so beautiful with her sweet baby girl in her arms.

To show off her new walking skill, Dad placed her down in the grass and asked Lyra to walk to him. She was happy to stand there. However, when she attempted to take a step or two and bent down to touch the grass, she noticed that the grass was still wet with dew. That was the end of her walking.

Mom and Dad tried everything to bring out their smiley little girl. Every toy, sippy cup, and even a quick session of breastfeeding only distracted her for a couple of minutes.

So they made sure to give her extra love and she seemed to really appreciate that.

Lyra clearly couldn’t fathom why her parents had put her down.

Mom and Dad were able to find Lyra’s smile when they began playing some of her favorite games. Being flipped upside down is always a favorite for babies.

This is one of my favorite photographs from the session. Totally happy in the moment, just draped over Daddy’s shoulder.

Lyra seemed to enjoy exploring the beautiful flowers at the end of our session, so we were able to get some gorgeous photos of their family just enjoying some family time together.

When they came to view their photographs I asked them, “Did you ever figure out what was making her unhappy that day?” And Dad told me “We made a first-time parent-rookie mistake.” Because she had eaten breakfast, they didn’t bother bringing snacks. And she was just having an extra-hungry day! So now, they never leave the house without animal crackers in Lyra’s diaper bag.

Even so, their photographs turned out just beautiful and will bring back memories of when Pink Kitty was an important fixture in Lyra’s life. They’ve ordered a beautiful album of this session so they can look back on Lyra when she was just a year old.

If you would like to get your baby’s milestones captured, contact me today. I have 2 spots left in the month of November and am taking bookings for January 2018 and beyond.

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