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Baby’s First Christmas

6 mo old baby girl lying on floor looking at Santa book One Big Happy PhotoOne of the most exciting things for new parents, after of course actually becoming parents, is getting to experience baby’s first Christmas. We all remember the magic that Christmas held for us as children and we just can’t wait to bask in that joy again with our kids. Little Miss Kate, at 3 months old, has so much fun ahead of her.

Mom holding 6 mo old baby girl standing up in red pajamas One Big Happy Photo“Look at me! I’m standing!” Well, sort of. But Mom told me that Kate loves practicing this new skill. I think Santa is going to be impressed.

Daddy holdings standing 6 mo old baby girl in red long pajamas One Big Happy PhotoEnjoying some playtime with the most important man in her life, little Kate had Daddy wrapped around her little finger. Hide the credit cards now, Mom, because Daddy will say yes to everything. Trust me.

Mom holds 6 mo old baby girl in red pajamas with bow One Big Happy PhotoLooks like she’s going to get Mommy’s eyelashes too. Lucky girl. And so amazingly good! She was so alert and happy during her entire session.

Baby girl with yellow bow holding her hands while a string of drool falls from her chin One Big Happy PhotoWe actually had our session right before Thanksgiving, so Mom pulled out her “turkey-day” outfit as well. Good thing too because Kate almost couldn’t get into it. I think one day of eating turkey would have put her out of this size.

Grandma holding 6 mo old baby standing and playing with a toy One Big Happy PhotoGrandma was in town to watch Kate that evening, so we pulled her into our session. Not having planned on getting photographed, Grandma was a little hesitant. But this photograph is going to mean the world to Kate when she grows up. She will always be able to look back at her fun and active grandma who was so happy to enjoy some playtime with her granddaughter.

baby girl with pink bow lying on pink furry blanket One Big Happy Photo

Kate wore this same bow (and birthday suit) during her newborn session. Feel free to visit her Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice newborn session. So we had to capture a photograph with the bow again to show how much she’s grown. As Kate is a member of my baby plan, we will make sure to take an image of her wearing this same ensemble at every session so that we can create an amazing piece of wall art at the end of the year.

Mom and Dad hold 6 mo old baby girl outside with fall foliage One Big Happy PhotoI had planned on taking their family photo on the grey backdrop or by a window in their home, but when I drove up and saw all of God’s glory shining in their backyard, I changed our plans. We took a quick trip outside (it was a bit chilly) and made sure to get this amazing fall photo of their happy family together. Check back in January to see Miss Kate doing so much more when she turns 6 months!

If you would like to get your baby photographed to celebrate a holiday or milestone, contact me today. I am taking bookings for January – May of 2017.

Amber Sehrt One Big Happy Photo Newborn Photographer Glastonbury CT

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