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Capturing All My Firsts ~ 6-month-old Baby Milestone Session Glastonbury, CT

blue eyed 6 month old baby boy sitting up on blue rug

This is Cole. He has grown so much in the past 6-months. I’m not kidding; this next image was taken just this past June!

newborn baby boy sleeping on his side on dark blue blanketShocking, isn’t it! This amazing growth, in not only size but also abilities, is why this family decided to take advantage of my Baby Plan. Feel free to scroll back up in a few minutes to check out Cole’s newborn photography session.

At this Baby Milestone session, we wanted to capture all of the skills that Cole is mastering right now. So scroll on down and see just how cute this little dude is.

6 month old baby boy standing up with Mom and Dad's helpStanding up like a big boy, with just a little help. Mom and Dad loved seeing the smile that this fun exercise brought to Cole’s face.

Mom leaning over to kiss baby boy on cheekMom just couldn’t resist kissing those chubby cheeks as Cole showed off his very stable sitting talent.

6 month old baby boy crawling towards a footballIf you want a baby to crawl (in the direction that you need him to), you gotta sweeten the request. Add a ball, of any kind, and walla! Crawling power captured.

6 month old baby boy standing up with Dad holding his waistCole’s smile was just too cute here. So even though you’ve already seen him stand, I just had to show you this image too.

6 month old baby boy sitting outside with golden light coming through the trees in fallSince it wasn’t too frigid outside just yet, we went over to a nearby park to enjoy a bit of fall. You gotta love the golden light coming through the trees and just making him glow like the angel he is.

Mom holding 6 month old baby boy outside with orange fall foliageAren’t they just gorgeous! And the trees aren’t too bad either. Ahh, the benefits of growing up Yankee.

Daddy flying baby boy outside with fall foliage behind themWho could resist a little fly-time with Mom and Dad. I think we all had this experience growing up, but this little man can now look back on it with this photograph.

Dad kissing baby boy on cheek outside in fallNo stronger love than the love of a parent for his child.

Mom Dad and baby boy sitting outside with orange fall foliage behind themAnd one photograph for the Christmas card (an absolute must this time of year). Such a perfect spot and beautiful family photograph.

6 month old baby boy sitting outside as snow begins to fallFinally, I just couldn’t resist playing around a little with this image. He just looked too warm with the glory of fall behind him, so I used my magic to make it snow. Now he looks toasty.

Babies grow up so fast. Don’t miss the chance to capture all of your little love’s milestones. They’re only babies for 12 months, and then the Toddler years begin! Contact me today to talk about setting up a Baby Milestone session for your little one.

Amber Sehrt One Big Happy Photo Newborn Photographer Glastonbury CT

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